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0 Try some of the best Android Wear Apps today

Android wear is getting more attention as they provide excellent fitness tracking, calling, texting and lot more on social connectivity. Right from taking calls, fitness activity tracking to accessing notifications, these tiny wearables can do quick and much of a productivity things even being tied on a wrist all the time.  

Since their initial launch, wearable has become more and more productive and Android wear 2.0 now is undoubtedly the best operating system from Google.

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Here are some of the best Android wear Apps you must try:



Its a best local search app which will help you find your favorite restaurant, drink, and activities. With simple few taps, you are all set to reach your desired location.

Wear Mini Launcher

[FREE with in-app purchases]

It is one of the highest rated Android wear app. It quickly helps you find apps among many apps installed on your device. If you are an avid wear user, this app is a handy tool to reach out from those many apps installed. 


A simple and yet powerful note keeping app now available for android wear as well. You get an easy glance on information on your wrist with few taps and really no miss on to-dos, tasks, and schedules.

Google Keep


Google keep is the best note taking the app out there for Android wear. You can also create notes by using "Okay, Google" hot word and asking it to write notes.



This app helps you monitor your food intake. If you are more on tracking your weight gain and diet plans, this app is excellent. On Android Wear 2.0 it works independently and doesn't even need a smartphone sync.

Runtastic Running & Fitness
[FREE with in-app purchases]

Once again a great fitness tracking app with some extra features than those in Google Fit. You can directly access the app from your wrist.

Wear Audio Recorder

Now record anything around you quickly. Whether it is a conversation or a sound you like, just save anything to your watch. Simple app yet very productive for some users.



Strava has given its app an upgrade for Android wear 2.0. It now works independently and you can track your runs and biking sessions without a smartphone. It also allows you choose another fitness platform besides its default Google's Fit app.

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Store for Android Wear


Its a basic Android wear app finder and everyone must have. It does great work of finding Android wear apps which Google play store doesn't do very well.


Specially designed small game for tiny android wear devices, Papercraft is one of the best intuitive game for android wear users.

The game is set in space, with your paper ship you have to shoot other incoming enemy ships.


Great app again available for Android wear too. If you are an avid traveler, this app is a gift for you. Now get directions, locate favorite things around you, read reviews and much more.

Find My Phone
[FREE / $1.99]

Its a great app which provides excellent tracking solution which includes turning on the flashlight, making alarms go off, turning on vibrations and so on.



Similar to Android Tasker, IFTTT can automate certain task as per your requirements. e.g. Backing up photos to Dropbox after you share them socially. 


One of the best fitness tracking android wear app which provides brief details about pace, distance, elevation, calories burned, walks, runs and cycling trips.


Often busy with work and miss simple things? Todoist will always help you not miss those simple do list. Just enter the aptly named Todoist, which is already famous for smartphones and for the web, and complete the tasks you have already noted. 


One of the best android wear music player. It is also available as an android app for a smartphone. You can use it offline or with OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. It helps you built your own personal Spotify with selective mp3 files. 


Again for fitness lovers. This app can help you adjust your relaxation exercises in a better way. It helps you to meditate, relax and even sleep more effectively. You can also set different times and sessions for exercises. 


Citymapper certainly has better options than Google Maps as it gives better coverage on public transport. You get live updates on trains, buses and many other public transport. 

PixtoCam for Android Wear


It allows you to use your Android wear as a viewfinder for your phone camera. It will let you adjust focus, snap pictures, zoom, adjust settings and more. While there are many similar apps already available, PixtoCam works much smoother on Android wear.

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[FREE with subscription]

Popular worldwide, Spotify now available for Android wear too. Though, you can only control music on other devices such as smartphone through Spotify connect. You still can not sync music to your android wear device. 

Wear Reader 

If you have fewer collections of articles on your wrist device, Wear reader is the best option to browse through and start reading. You can read plain texts, PDF, word files and ePub one at a time.

You can set your own word rate and it has easy night reading mode too.

Pocket Casts

[$ 3.99]

Pocket casts is a great podcast app with large content inside for both audio and video podcasts. This app supports the control the podcast with pause/play and custom skip intervals.

Sleeps As Android

Just keep your android wear watch beneath your mattress at night and app will monitor your sleep patterns. With this accurate data, you will easily understand how well you are sleeping and look further for things which are causing bad sleep.


Once paired with a smartphone, it can nicely control your home heating. Using its rotational input you can easily adjust the temperatures on your Nest thermostat.

Wear Messenger


It is an SMS application which allows you send texts right from your wrist device. It also includes a built-in keyboard to tap out small messages. It is a quick short SMS thing which will help you all the time to convey instant messages. e.g. am at mall.


[FREE / $1.99]

Provides best weather forecast from wherever you are and for any location.

Feel the Wear

Its very handy lets you adjust the alerts on your smartwatch. With its cool customized alerts, you can enjoy notifications in different ways.


Glide helps you send and receive video messages easily as texts. You can easily watch videos and hear audios from your previous conversations. 


It is for Golf lovers. Hole19 is one of the most comprehensive Android golf assistant available for free. It can advise you distance details for more than 34,000 courses around the globe. 

Aeris Wear Weather
[FREE, In-app purchase]

As the name suggests Aeris wear weather is a great android wear app gives you classy weather widget options, a live satellite view, short-long-term forecasts, weather warnings and much more. For full features, you need to go for in-app purchase.


It generates AI-powered responses to the messages which you receive and hence you don't need to type anything manually. Works well with most of the social apps and can recognize your gestures most of the time.


One of the best android music app available now for android wear. You can instantly identify popular music which is being played everywhere, see what others like and what's hot running now.

0 Create Your Own Animated GIFs for Website and Blog

GIFs are the best way to put small animation or slide instead of using full video for small representation. We can also call it as a small video which guides quickly to a user about what's there inside. Whether it is a simple how-to or a funny animation, GIFs attract quick attention and gives superb look to online pages.

You can use these custom made GIFs in social site comments, websites and many other online places. Following are some of the easiest ways to create your own GIFs.

Adobe Photoshop - Small video to animated GIFs

Photoshop is probably the root for editing images and videos. It is professionally used for designing purpose, still, for creating an animated gif it works simply best.

Launch Photoshop > Go to File Import Video frames to layers. Now go to Windows Animation and it will show the frames created from a video.

You can edit frames, crop window; adjust delay and other parameters easily. Use the rectangular marquee tool to re-frame the area you wish.

Now go to File Save for web & device > select GIF from a list and click Save.

Prerequisite: You need to install Apple's QuickTime to enable this in Photoshop.

Online Applications

Online apps such as gifmaker.me/, imgiflip.com, makeagif.com, picasion.com, gimp.org are available to create GIFs but a major disadvantage of many of them are they put their link hovering on gif file to advertise their brand. Still few of them are completely free and worth using. If you Google "free online gif maker", you will get plenty of results working.

Programs such as Video converter tool works great if you wish to do it on your computer and not online. Much precisely you can edit window dimensions, frames delay and better quality with a program. If you have big file size to convert into gifs this program will work simply perfect.

For much professional work softwares such as Falco GIF Animator, Photoscape, GiftedMotion, KickMyGraphics, Any To GIF, Free GIF Animator, SSuite Gif Animator, Photobie, GifApp, XylemStudio's, AnimateGif are among famous ones. If you need more info on these softwares visit Listoffreeware.com

Simple Yet Powerful Animations for Online Advertising - Using Software

If you have series of images created which looks simple but will animate fantastic like below sample, again Photoshop will make if for you easily.

Open Photoshop > Click File Scripts > click "Load Files Into Stack".  Select Browse and select files to create GIF.

If you do not have series of images already created, you can still create them into Photoshop using new layer method. Probably this is an accurate way so that window dimensions and another parameter of images stay intact.

Once selected image layers are opened you can edit them, put into correct sequence. Select ‘Window’ from the top menu and select 'timeline'. In timeline window click 'Create Frame Animation'.

Now select all the layers and click menu from timeline screen. In the dropdown list click on
'Create a new layer for each new frame'. Click on the 'Make Frames From Layers'

From the bottom of each frame choose the delay and repeat loop options if you want. (Loop is to select how many times you want an image to appear). (Delay will set the time period you want to display an image before next image proceeds)

You can preview your work and save it for web applications. Go to File Save for Web.

In Save for the Web window, you need to choose options such as to keep GIF file size and quality proper.

0 Are Technical Developments Becoming An Unavoidable Addiction?

Sometimes I get tired of these so-called advanced technologies and science things. Last week I just found myself trapped in wires and gadgets on my bed in the early morning. Is it really helping us? Certainly, there are two sides of every argument. 

Looking at current technical developments, it seems we could be in real mess sooner. We often notice ourselves surrounded by wires, SIM cards, adapters, CDs, DVDs etc. Whether it is mobile, headphones, smart cards, laptops etc, these things are always around us.

source: pixabay.com - geralt

In the process of making things better, quicker and faster we are trying to unnecessary push us towards a complicated technological trap. Have you noticed a latest fact that without internet connections and your devices, we feel we are going to be in some kind of trouble? Have you ever tried to stay away from all of these for the week or at least for few days? The answer is nothing but a horror.

Recent data reveals the road accidents have been increased in larger percentages due to texting, calling and surfing while on the driving. That is the reason in most of the countries their government has banned the usage of electronic devices while on driving. Most of the times we use these devices just to entertain ourselves or for our little ones. Once you are addicted to wi-fi, it is very difficult to stay offline.

Virtual Assistance

So many tools such as Google instant advice, auto correction in word and smartphones, grammar assist often helps you to be absolutely perfect, but still, it limits in improving your own thinking capabilities.

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Thinking positively there are much more benefits than limitations. Such as finding information over the internet, reading short texts, auto corrected grammar in a word, speed networking, surfing, 3g, 4g networks, high definition audio and videos and multimedia etc. Not only that, with a concise and smart use of internet and latest gadgets you can work seamlessly and efficiently.

It’s been observed that youngsters and even old aged people often try to interact with someone new out there online. As if they will soon land up in connection with a cute stranger (he/she). Practically it rarely happens and they waste a lot of their time and energy in doing the same activity repeatedly. E.g. chatting with strangers online - yahoo messenger.

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One of the most arguable debates is online piracy. Copying, stealing, and piracy are often found with online things. The most important are to create original and concise articles or report. People keep fighting with each other for their content. But surely there is a difference between just copying, just spinning, referring in detail, taking a guide, having knowledge from other's sources etc. In short, we should keep respect for others originality and creativity. That’s it!

In short, although the world is moving towards some extraordinary developments in technology, there are always some side effects of those. We must ensure to use them wisely and patiently and also never to go with just flow and get addicted to them.

0 Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks, Updated Feb 2017

While you are already familiar with the Facebook and its amazing interface, there are still plenty of interesting features which you haven't tried yet. These may not be a special Tricks but surely they are of a great help for power users. Many of them work instantly while you are on the desktop and make your social networking experience more interesting.

These are small add-ons and third party apps made available for million of users for free which can simplify the regular FB activities such as updating and viewing messages, downloading albums at a single click, notifications and surely add more fun.

Great Facebook Tips

Below are some must know Facebook Tips:

1. Edit Facebook Login Page

Go to Facebook login page
javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true'; document.designMode=’on'; void 0
hit Enter. Now you will be able to do any changes with normal editing.

This trick works at most of the places. Enjoy!

2. Download Friend's Facebook Albums

Many album downloaders are available on the web. Just like downloading Videos with YouTube Add On, these add-ons and utilities work flawlessly with a single click.

Facebook DownloadPhotos

b. PhotoGrabber - Using this utility you can download Photos of your selected friends right on your desktop. No need to select each and every photo again by going to individual albums.

Facebook PhotoGrabber

Using PhotoGrabber you can do following things.

Download photos in which your friend is tagged in.
Albums in which your friend's photos are available.
Albums uploaded by your friends, Comments, and tags on photos.

c. Fluschipranie: (Firefox Plug-in)

After installing the plug-in in Firefox, just right click on the Album in FB and click "fluschipranie Download" option. Give a "base name" while downloading and photos will be tagged in series as "base name 1", "base name 2" etc. or "example 1", "example 2" etc.

Facebook fluschipranie  firefox add on

d. Download Facebook Albums as HTML page in Google webstore

PhotoLive is great extension currently available in Google Store. You can get photos as HTML web file format which is easier to save on your online account.

3. Update Facebook From Mozilla Firefox

Utilities such as FireStatus allow users to update many social sites including Facebook, Twitter etc. without logging into them individually. Forget the hassle of visiting every page many times a day and hundred times a week. Stay updated on your network with a single interface.

Facebook firestatus firefox add on

Facebook has a tab button to put certain members off on the chat and you can display them as Offline.

Hide your online status on Facbook

5. Share Your Flickr Photos to Facebook

Using Flickr2Facebook you can easily get your Flickr photos to go on Facebook. This is an unofficial uploader currently available.
Flickr2Facebook Share FB Photos

For this first, you need a Greasemonkey Add-on to load on Firefox and then installing Flick2Facebook Greasemonkey script from Userscript.org

Greasemonkey Add on for Facebook
Things required: Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey Add-on for Facebook and Flickr2Facebook Userscript

6. Facebook Desktop Application

Applications such as XobniFacebook Sidebar Gadget, Facebook AIR, Facebooker are some of the freely available so that you can use Facebook without going to the web and run as a regular windows application.

7. Get Facebook Updates On Email

Using NutshellMail Application you can easily connect Facebook updates directly to be mailed to your regular mail account.

NutShellMail for Facebook

8. Create Quiz On Facebook

a. pageyourself is great utility using which you can easily create your own Quiz on Facebook.

pageyourself fb quiz creator

b. AgoraPulse is again best option for complete survey and quiz taking online. It provides detailed analysis and accurate data.

AgoraPulse Facebook Quiz App

9. Facebook Chat for Desktop

Applications Such as Digsby and Gabtastik will help you be on Facebook Chat without using regular Facebook on the web. It also saves a lot of Kbs as it does not require a browser and works on minimum connection speed.

10. Get Facebook Chat on Firefox Browser

Firefox Add-on named Facebook Messenger is great utility supported by Mozilla to instantly get in touch with friends. It does not require to special Facebook site visit and login separately.

11. Get Away From Facebook Advertisements

A cool Greasemonkey script called as "Facebook: Cleaner" can be easily installed on facebook to remove all the annoying updates and ads. Get Here

12. Share your Blog Posts To Facebook Wall

Add-ons and Plug-ins Supported:

Share your posts on FB Wall

Jetpack Publicize
1-Click Retweet/Share/Like
SocialPublish NextScripts - Social Networks Auto Poster
MailChimp Social

13. Share animated GIF images on Facebook

Gizmodo finally unveils the facts of uploading GIF files on Facebook through Giphy. Giphy is a gif search engine where now you can embed, link and share your own gifs anywhere on Facebook and other sites. Basically, Giphy created a code that loop on Facebook. Either copy a web URL of the gif page on Giphy or embed using "share GIF".  Unfortunately, Facebook still denies an official usage of GIFs.

GIFs on Facebook through Giphy

There is also a traditional trick available to put GIF on Facebook anywhere. See here "Post Animated GIFs on Facebook."

14. See yourself Some FB hack still working

There is a little fun I found on the web while searching some facebook tips.

Just go to your FB account and Click Home. Do the following tabs properly.

UP 2 times, DOWN 2 times, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, Enter,
and then scroll up or down.

You will see shining circles on Facebook with diamond ring effect.

15. Edit once entered FB comment 

Follow below simple steps to edit already entered FB comment.
1. The instant you put any comment on FB, immediately an 'x' button appears at top right.
2. In the appearing textbox you can edit your comment. 
3. You can do this editing only within 1 minute so be fast. 

16. Post Empty Status and comment on FB

Yes, you can put empty status or comment on facebook, just follow these steps.
1.  Login and go to status update field.
2. Press and hold the Alt key and enter 0173.
3. Now release the key and press share the post button. 
Done! You have just entered empty status or comment.

17. Track who deleted you on Fb recently. Click here

Follow the article by clicking on the link above.

18. Best Chrome Extensions for Facebook

a. Photon - It adds menus to FB photos which help the user to download, share and edit.

b. Facebook for chrome - It is FB customized user interface for using within Chrome. You can do most of the fb things with this small extension.

c. Adblock plus - It removes ads from Facebook and works well for almost all the platforms.

d. Social Fixer - It filters news feed, hide posts which you have already read, seen notifications etc. It has customized the toolbar.

e. Photo zoom - When you hover on an image in facebook, it is enlarged. This extension works pretty well while compared with much other available.

f. Download FB Album Mod - This great extension lets the user download all the small and big images on his FB account.

g. Hootlet - Hootlet combines many social media platforms at one place. With this extension, you can do most of your social networking things by staying at one tab place.

h. Facebook Notifications - With this extension, you do not often log in to fb. All updates will be seen on chrome itself.

i. Facebook Color changer - If you wish to try different look to your conventional FB theme, you can try any other color for FB site. 

j. FB Dislike - Yet another amazing addition. Like is a fashion nowadays. Lot more things to dislike and yes this extension does the same.

19. Hack Facebook Account using Backtrack 5R3

Linux based Backtrack 5R3 is yet another attempt to hack Facebook accounts. Be aware if you let someone note down your IP address. Well, its pretty easy for anyone around you.

Install Backtrack from their Site.

Open backtrack terminal and type cd/pentest/exploits/set
Type ./set to open "Social Engineering Tool Kit"
Now select "Social Engineering Attacks", type 1 and Hit enter.
Select option 2 which is "Website Attack Vectors"
Now select 4th option "Tabnabbing Attack Method"
Select option 2 "Site Cloner"

Add your IP address
Add a Facebook URL (You want to hack FB so use http://www.facebook.com)

Paste your IP in the address bar and while user log in to your page, the details will appear on your terminal.
To know you IP address just type "ipconfig" in a terminal.

Enjoy the trick.

Please note this FB section is for educational and awareness purpose only. 

0 Best Nokia Android Smartphones 2017 - Top 10 List

Nokia finally decided to come up with an Android Smartphones. Recently announced at MWC 2017, Nokia is once again all set to challenge the mobile industry with their most trusted followers base and release of upcoming android devices naming Nokia 6, Nokia 8, Nokia D1C, Nokia P1, Nokia C1, Nokia E1, Nokia Heart, Nokia Z2 Plus and few more. 

Nokia is new in Android market, yet it has years of experience and trust among worldwide users and has millions of fans base. With these new phones, it is confirmed that Nokia has certainly realized the importance of an android OS and ready to capture smartphone market shares again with new upcoming Nokia branded Android smartphones. 

Nokia 2017 Upcoming Android Smartphones


Nokia D1C
$ 200
27th Feb 2017

Nokia E1
$ 350
2nd March 2017

Nokia EDGE
$ 700 - $ 1000
2nd March 2017

Nokia C1
$ 200
27th Feb 2017

Nokia P1
$ 800 - $ 950
2nd March 2017

Nokia 6
1699 CNY (China)
25th Jan 2017

Nokia Heart
$ 350

Nokia Z2 Plus
$ 350 - $ 450
24th March 2017

Nokia D1C

Nokia flashed their new devices with Nokia D1C and Nokia E1 entry which first leaked on Weibo. Their rough estimated prices are based on specifications and expected release date is based on various information available online. So these details may vary. All of these devices will soon be released in MWC 2017 going to be held on 2nd march 2017.

D1C is basically a budget android smartphone from Nokia and will come with latest Android Nougat 7.0 OS. Its approximate price range is around $200. It will have 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage again with expandable options.

If you are a Nokia fan and looking for a good change D1C is a great option. 

Nokia E1

It is a full metallic and upgraded version of D1C in terms of specifications and camera. See full specifications on gsmarena. It has 5.2 Inch Display, 1.4GHz Snapdragon 425 Adreno 308 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 5Mp front facing camera, 13Mp rear camera, 2700mAh battery, Android Nougat 7.0 OS and Dual nano sim support. 

Nokia Edge

Nokia Edge seems to be a higher android smartphone version and may beat Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 or even Google Pixel phones. It is expected to have 5.5 Inch 2K display, 23MP rear camera, 8Mp front facing camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 3600 mAh battery storage, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G connectivity and most of all sensors.

Again if you are Nokia fan and looking for a high-end android phone, Nokia Edge 2017 is a great option with best specs. You may surely save huge cost by avoiding Apple iPhones.

Nokia C1

It is expected to have 5.5 Inch Display with 2GB RAM and 32GB inbuilt memory. It will have 13Mp primary and 5MP front facing cameras. For speedy performance, it will have 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 652 processor and non-removable Li-ion battery. 

Nokia P1

P1 is expected to have 5.3 Inch Display, higher Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 GPU, 24Mp primary and 8Mp front facing camera, 6GB RAM, 4G/LTE connectivity, 128GB or 256GB internal memory and 3500 mAh battery.  

Nokia 6

HMD Global launches first Nokia Android smartphone, the Nokia 6 in China.

Nokia 6 will be available exclusively only in China through JD.com. It is priced at around 1699 CNY. Source hmdglobal.com

The company says "New design philosophy embraces much-loved Nokia phone hallmarks of quality, superior craftsmanship and relentless focus on the consumer experience". 

Nokia 6 is their first entry in the android smartphone market and china is lucky to have the first from them. 

Nokia 8

The most rumored Nokia 8 looks extremely catchy and has a galaxy note like design which has spread all over the on the internet. Specification suggests having a bigger 5.7 Inch QHD display, 515ppi density with Gorilla Glass protection. It will sport a powerful 2.45 GHz octa center Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, and 128GB memory again which is expandable up to 256GB with microSD. It will run on Google's latest Android 7.9 Nougat OS and will have dual sim support. 

Best of NOKIA's Windows Smartphones

Nokia Lumia 1820

It is the current Nokia best windows smartphone available in the market. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. If you are looking for a high-end Nokia phone, this is the best deal. Its price is around $565.

Nokia Lumia 729

Again a best mid range windows smartphone from Nokia. It has a unibody design with dissimilar vibrant colors. It has 4.3 Inch display and runs on windows 8 operating system. It will have 2000 mAh battery power. 

Nokia Lumia 1525

Lumia 1525 is Nokia's first phablet and has some of the similar specs of higher Lumia 1820 device but will launch with 6 Inch panel and around 25Mp or higher camera. This phone will have similar sort of solar charging display panel, 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal memory. 

So, these are the best upcoming Nokia Smartphones in 2017 and hopefully will be available for buying soon online. We are constantly updating this post so that you get accurate information about all Nokia devices.

Popular NOKIA Phones List

Nokia Series Phone
Lowest Price

Nokia X
$ 191 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia X Plus
$ 190 (Buy on Amazon N/A)

Nokia Lumia 630
$ 170 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 510
$ 206 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia XL
$ 255 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 720
$ 385 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 525
$ 231 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 1320
$ 533 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 925
$ 627 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 820
$ 458 (Buy on Amazon)

Nokia Lumia 920
$ 700 (Buy on Amazon)