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0 Best of Diesel Analog Men Smartwatches Currently Available

Diesel is an Italian fashion brand which sells most of the luxurious items including clothing accessories, watches etc. Diesel watches are extremely eye catching and have powerful exterior design features. Diesel buys from a watch manufacturer Fossil (licensed vendor) which designs and creates their watches. 

Internally moving with conventional quartz, Diesel watches has amazing dial designs. Best for men, these watches are a pure fashion symbol!

A unique selling point of Diesel watches is the detailed watch design with most of the XXL watch models. Their main range includes SBA, Chronograph, Analog and Digital for Men and last two for Women.

Diesel watches work well with wide variety of casual or classy casual styles. Most of the watches are suitable for business wear as well. These watches come with a regular two-year warranty but don't cover heavy damage or repaired ones. 

Who can buy?

If you prefer very large, detailed watch faces, eye-catching material design, casual and style wear, Diesel is a must for you. 

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watch layout & image credit: Amazon.com

0 What's new with Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

Well, with the innovative and more secure features, iPhone7 upgrades itself with a latest hardware and amazing features. Its new 3D touch display is even more vivid and supports more brightness and viewing angles. Eventhough every other flagship have left the LCD technology, Apple is still with it managing beautiful color tones, viewing angles and power features. Its home button is now a solid state with a large taptic engine with possible haptic customizations. Now even iPhones are splash and water resistant.

The similar looking Apple device has much more advanced hardware and software features. Arstechnica teardown reports say iPhone 7 comes with larger 2900mAh battery by removing headphone jack. It also makes space for a larger Taptic engine which enables the haptic feedback API supported for much more precision.

A solid state home button feels much more precise and also a removal of the headphone jack in new model help it become completely water resistant up to 30 minutes.

image credit: apple.com
Specifications (iPhone 7 Plus)

5.5 Inch 3D touch Display (1080 x 1920 pixels) (401 ppi density)

LED Backlit IPS LCD with Ion Strengthened glass and oleophobic coating), Wide color gamut display. 

“Since the iPhone 7 has a Retina display it doesn’t need the 4K resolution,” “It already appears perfectly sharp at its normal viewing distances.” says Ray Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies.

158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm, 188g, Nano-SIM, IP67 Certified, Water Resistant up to 1 meter and 30 mins., Apple Pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX Certified)

Operating: iOS 10.0.1

Quad Core Processor 2.23GHz on A10 Fusion Chip and 3GB RAM

12 Mp Camera with optical image stabilization, f/1.8 aperture, a six-element lens with four smart LED flash (almost up to 50% brighter photos than 6S), 7 Mp fronts facing a camera. The Retina Flash matches the ambient light which produces natural-looking skin tones.

4K video and 8Mp image recording, with wide color capture with front facing.

No 16GB storege, it comes right from 32GB, 128GB and 256GB varients. (No microSD for memory expansion) 

Two stereo speakers that provide increased dynamic range and two times the audio output of the one 6s. Instead of headphones, now AirPods are available which works wirelessly. Instead of the headphone jack, there is a Lightning connector which can also be extended with a small converter to use conventional earphones. 

Wireless AirPods are an advanced device with multiple functions. Double tap it to open up Siri or remove from ears to pause the music. It is interesting.

image credit: apple.com
The phone comes with enough 2900mAh Li-Po battery which lasts enough similar to previous models. No much improvements in the battery department. 

Connectivity options include 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11, a/ac/b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS, Glonass, Computer sync, NFC, OTA sync, Tethering, TV-Out, UMA and Lightning port.

It also supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE) that makes your conversations sound clear and crispy.

Colors Varients - Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold 

Specs sources: apple.com


Don't ignore the Apple legacy, it is always a serious deal and will remain so. Once again Apple is proving to be a real gem in Smartphone industry and surely it is not dying. It's a beauty worth beholding, and still, it is a business model. 

With the most powerful processor, highly advanced camera, better connectivity options and yes, stunning display, Apple once again is a high-end luxurious brand in the Global market.

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1 Master Your Google Search With Tags and Labels

Many times we keep searching data with a few keywords which we feel relevant to the content, but it is not always true and returns clumsy horror. Web is flooded with the information and you may get confused with the variety of irrelevant pages and results.

Why waste time when you can narrow down your search queries with below additional assist. With these tags you will surely get exact synchronized results within Google ensuring minimum search time. Make sure you always use these while doing random search and hit your relevance at few attempts. 
image credit: google.com
Dash (-) (hyphen)
Using dash you can exclude the keywords which are not directly relevant to your search or things you not wish to get results for.

E.g. Oscar movies –hollywood

In this you will get results showing all movies which are Oscar winners and Google will exclude results with just Hollywood movies. So kind of a narrowing down your search to get specific results. This will ensure result do not show something like “my favorite list of hollywood movies” etc.

Tilde (~)
Using tilde you can search the query with its synonyms.

E.g.  manchurian dishes ~chinese (this will return pages dogs and pets)

Using link: you can search specific query within that website which content the specific site link URL.

E.g. link:huffingtonpost.com michael schumacher (this will first return results with huffingtonpost.com linked pages.

Using site: you can search keyword which is present in that website

E.g. site:huffingtonpost.com michael schumacher (this will show similar results as link option but it will show all pages within that site.

Quotation Marks
Use quotation marks to do exact sentence search such as famous quotes.

E.g. “Great minds discuss ideas” (this will return with the pages that have quote containing exact string)

Periods (..)
For searching keywords within specific periods such as movies in 2010 to 2011 only, you can narrow down your results with this tag.

E.g. hollywood movies 2010..2013

related: keyword
Using this tag you can find search item or sites which are related to each other.

E.g. related:nokia.com (this will return sites which are exactly in same business line as Nokia mobiles) 

Share your new thoughts and new tips in comments.

0 LG G5 Awfully Awesome Smartphone to Buy in 2016

When it comes to a complete smartphone, there are plenty of cheap options available everywhere. Still, top tier brands keep inventing new devices equipped with faster processors and amazing new features. One of such latest incoming is LG G5. G5 is packed with modern tech. With innovative things built-in and unique design, LG G5 stands high in the race compared to rivals.

At a glance, it just doesn't feel metal at all even if it is however its polished body does feel premium at closer. Slight curves at the edges do make it much comfortable while in hands. G5 has an overall metal body with a separate frame which loads the battery into it and a rear shell which is non-removable. 

It has stunning 5.3 Inch 2560 x 1440 pixels IPS LCD display. With 70 percent black screen on top with slight curves at edges, the front facing display looks gorgeous. These curves just add aesthetics and nothing else function. Its removable modular battery case it quite innovative and great for power users. 
image credit: lg.com
Its dual camera setup at the back is great for taking shots. It also has laser auto focus window, flash, and a color sensor. The power button also works as a fingerprint sensor which is impressively accurate. 

It has hybrid dual-SIM slots on the right, volume buttons, module lock on the left. At the top, it has Infrared blaster and a 3.5mm socket. It also has a removable standard module which fits USB Type-C port, speakers, and microphone. One can remove this module, replace the battery with little efforts and reattach it to the phone. The battery simply fits into the module as a casing and not connected to the module circuits.

G5 has powerful 820 SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which also seen in Xiaomi M5 device. This is the most powerful processor till date for smartphones available. It clocks at 2.15 GHz (2 of a quad) and other two at 1.6 GHz. Capable of running almost anything with higher benchmarking ratings. 

Buy on Amazon 

The phone comes with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and can be expanded up to 200GB with microSD. Connectivity options are great with 4G enabled on both TDD Band 40 and FDD Band 3. On the front, it also has Bluetooth 4.2 along with A2DP support and aptX HD. Inbuilt storage is one of the limitations right now. 

The device runs on latest Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with LG's Optimus UI 5.0 over it. Lg's custom interface is pretty well working and it is easy to work with. Overall customization is easy to handle. 

LG have also announced to provide additional Camera grip which has dedicated button for the shutter, on/off, video on/off and dial for zoom. It also contains additional 1200 mAh battery. Also, there is an option to buy Hi-Fi plus a DAC module to enhance audio output. (Bang and Olufsen make)
Many productive apps such as Back Up, Health, Friends, Quick Remote and Smart World for themes comes handy pre-installed. It also includes Evernote which can not be uninstalled.

The camera department is heavily loaded with 16 Mp camera with dual setup (capable of shooting 2160p 30fps video), with also a 8 Mp front one (capable of shooting 1080p at 30fps). Also capable of shooting slow motion with 60fps full HD with rear one. Overall camera features are awesome.


Short of internal storage. Laser auto-focus no so cool as expected. Modular bases are not so attractive though they are highly productive considering extra battery, cam plus features and so on. The phone doesn't feel that premium as compared to Apple or Samsung devices. Even Sony's devices look more premium than this one. Slightly overpriced but a great smartphone to invest into.

Overall LG G5 is one of the best choices for 2016. Incredible camera, powerful processor, the stunning display makes this phone a unique choice.

0 How to Save Any Photo on iPhone in MS-Word Format

Since the rise of Instagram and similar websites that use images as their main source of content, photos have become increasingly more and more precise and clear-cut. Today, you can take a screenshot of your phone or tablet and with a simple app called "Image to Word convert almost any photo to MS word and edit its text and other types of content. 

Remember all those times when you had to miss school and then copy notes from the previous class? Well, this app will scan, convert and save the files on your phone in no time. 

Here are some of the traits Image to Word has to offer: 
  • There are no limits to image size or the quantity of images you can convert which means this app will do work for you anytime you need it.
  • You can convert all types of images, from camera photos, to natural images and screenshots with impeccable quality.
  • The app won’t change the layout of the original file so that you don’t have to further edit the document.
  • The new file is in .docx format, which means you can easily search and edit the content.
  • Files are optimized after conversion for instant analysis and viewing.

In order to save the photo as a word file you will have to follow these steps:

1. Select the photo you want to convert by choosing between taking a snap with your camera, or choosing from your photo library:

2. Once you select the photo it will appear on the main screen. As you can see in the photo above, all ongoing and finished conversations are in one spot so that you don’t have to look around too much.

3.Once the file is converted, tap on it to see a preview. Click on the SHARE button in the bottom left corner and select which app you want to use for you new MS Word file. (see photo below)

Make sure you try out Image to Word, you can find it on the AppStore and it’s free to download, so let us know how you feel about it.

0 PDF to Excel - A Must-Have App for Excel Users

MS Excel is a very popular file format when it comes to data management. It’s not a surprise given that this tool offers effective and convenient data entry, data analysis, different kinds of calculations and much more. It’s an essential program for every office administrator, salesman, financial analyst and anyone who works with figures and spreadsheets on a daily basis. So in order to be more productive and make their work life easier, they are already familiar with this useful tool and have become Excel professionals.

On the other hand, not all information is expressed in Excel file format. Very often spreadsheets are saved as PDF document due to its steadfast nature. It’s the safest way to preserve important and valuable data. So, what to do in case you need to immediately reuse your old tables in PDF or urgently make some changes on existing PDF charts? That’s not an unusual occurrence since there are many businessmen handling their everyday task on the fly.   

In that case, when you are out of the office and left only to your smartphone, there is a useful app that can do the work. PDF to Excel converts efficiently PDF tables into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on mobile devices. Besides, this is a free app and there are many helpful features for busy professionals on the go:

logo credits: Adobe, Microsoft
It’s possible to convert Gmail attachments directly from the app
It’s possible to convert files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive within the app
Scanned tables can be converted too
No limits on file size or number of converted files

In addition, PDF to Excel has a very clean design and just in a few easy steps you can convert your document.

Step 1

Choose a file you wish to convert from your storage place.

Step 2

Tap on the Share button and after finding PDF to Excel in the OPEN IN menu, click on it. The converted document will be placed in the same folder where the original file is. Likewise, the conversion time depends on your Internet connection, on the file size and how busy the servers are.

Step 3

In order to work on your converted file, you’ll need an app that opens MS Excel files.

And that would be all. Now you are a real Excel pro who is able to deal with different spreadsheets on every device and anytime.

You can download PDF to Excel here - iOS and Android Version.