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0 Remove Yourself Tracing from Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the best way to trace callers location and ID. But what if you wish to go anonymous all the time for new people. Yes, it looks weared but sometimes required to keep strangers away from spying.

This tip will help you remove your number from truecaller database. 

Firstly remove your truecaller account which you set up with your number. If you have not signed up yet, then skip this step.

Launch Truecaller and tap on menu from the app.

Go to setting > about

Tap on Deactivate account. Confirm on pop up. 

This will delete your existing account on Truecaller but its database will still have your number stored. 

Now Go to Truecaller's unlist page and ensure you remove your number. Just enter your number, enter captcha and wait for day or so that truecaller removes your number from thier database. Here is Truecaller Unlist page.

Note that to use unlisting feature on truecaller, you must have deactivated your account with them, just using unlist option will not remove your ID. 

Congratulations. Now you are anonymous for the rest of the world whenever you call a new person for any business or personal work.

If you have any comment or want to share anything do comment in below.

0 LG unveils new X300 budget Smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat

LG brought new display surprises at CES2017 and also came up with a new smartphone. Its all new X300, great up to date smartphone with budget pricing. LG recently unveiled its X300 mid-range smartphone with top-notch attractive specs. 

X300 sports 5 Inch HD In-cell Touch IPS curved glass display. It is powered by 1.4 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 425 SoC paired with Adreno 308 GPU and 2GB RAM. With 16GB internal storage and expandable with microSD, X300 has enough room for multimedia entertainment. 

The device runs on latest Android 7.0 Nougat and has a 13Mp Camera sensor with LED flash, 5Mp front facing one, fingerprint sensor, Auto shot, gesture shot and few more interesting shooting modes. X300 is just 8.09mm thick and weighs only 142g. 

X300 has latest connectivity options including 4G LTE, wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and NFC. Device sports a fine ribbed back cover for better grip and has an audio jack on the lower side of the phone.

0 How to start Learning Augmented Reality Programming

Augmented Reality has taken fire recently and a number of supported devices and apps are already available for consumers and commercial users. With this, more and more people have started taking keen interest making a career in virtual and augmented reality developments. 

There are many platforms available to start with. Obviously and for sure, Android and iOS are the main two platforms will gain more attention in coming years and options such as Unity3d.com, Qualcomm's Vuforia framework are great places to start with. 

Creator by Metaio is great for learning how Augmented reality devices work. It teaches how to overlay digital material over displays. It requires very less coding experience and it is much entertaining. For deep understanding, you need knowledge of html5, javascript called AREL which will help you create supported apps. Some of them are free while others need attributions. 

AR works with many possibilities. Information layered on 2D or 3D, ability to animate objects, ability to interact with environments etc. so there are different tools to be used accordingly. See which one you choose to learn first.  

AR is still in its extreme development stage, so one need to understand the hardware and processing need of the equipment such as mobile standalone or PC supported etc. AR needs a lot of environment library e.g. see Vuforia where things are engaged on the basis of those environments.

Vuforia Developer is an excellent portal among many SDK's out there. You can certainly and should try with this first. It is only supported for mobile apps only and not for PC so far. 

AR is a vast subject. Right from the environment library used for pattern recognition to utilizing sensors including GPS, gyro, so many things can be coupled together to generate much advance augmented output. Currently, Vuforia by Qualcomm, ARToolkit, WikiTude, LayAR and Kudan are top five choices for easily starting developing Augmented reality Apps.

0 New Line of Smart TVs were the major attraction at CES 2017

High-end smart TVs are already in the market with some of the best products including Samsung SUHD, Samsung 4K Ultra HD, LG LCD 4K, LG OLED, Sony X and XBR series, Vizio M, Sharp, Roku, Hisense, Panasonic TX and few more to count.  

CES 2017 came with a few more surprises and features. If you are looking for an OLED which is again not from LG's best, the wait is over. Sony has brought A1E series with OLED technology and promising best picture quality. 

LG's new W7 wallpaper OLED TV is an upcoming masterpiece. This is the thinnest and futuristic smart tv from LG and mostly smart TVs will look similar for years from now. But at $8000, its super expensive. 

CES also brought a new improved version of Roku TVs against their previous models which are known for just a good enough picture quality and exciting multiple android features. TCL P Roku TVs are now with full array local dimming and Dolby Vision HDR starting at $500 promising on best ever picture quality. 

The year 2017 will be more on HDR. This year more TVs will follow Dolby Vision HDR including those from Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Philips. LG's upcoming 4K Blu-ray player and similar from Oppo and Philips will also be based on more HDR. So more HDR, better quality. 

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If money is not an issue, Sony's VPL-VZ1000ES is a new 4K short-throw laser projector will fascinate your imagination with as big as 120 Inch display size and as bright as most of the smart TVs out there. But, still, $25000? Are you mad?

Holu Live TV was also at attention at CES. Many live channels and Holu's massive on-demand catalog are the best competition to DirectTV Now, Sling TV, Cloud DVR and PlayStation Vue.

This year's CES show was quite remembering for us as far as Smart TVs are concerned. An Upcoming smart TVs are extremely productive and worth mentioning for their exciting features.

0 Lenovo's New Glass C200 is AR-AI Mixed Reality Smartglasses

New Glass C200 is Lenovo's first entry in augmented reality smart glasses promising both AI and AR experience with a monocular design similar to a Google glasses. 

Its AI technology can recognize real life objects. Working with Linux Operating system and with a Pocket Unit staying at one eye side on its case, C200 smartly connects itself through New Glass App.

Lenovo NBD Martin, an AI recognition software which collects and analyzes data from camera and sensors, helps a user get a better experience on the work. It also aims to combine all information through user's voice commands, gestures, and selections which enable extremely productive experience to commercial, business users including workers.

C200 is expected to arrive soon in months and will face competition from Apple, Vuzix M300, ODG R7 and Epson Moverio.

0 Smartphones to appear in 2017 - Best of CES 2017

Phones were not the major attraction at CES 2017, still, we have picked some of the best smartphones trends for the upcoming year. These devices will surely appear in next months' MWC, Mobile World Congress 2017- world's biggest mobile show.

If you are not too much on Apple and Samsung's costlier devices, can certainly wait for these alternatives again with promising features and top-notch specifications.

Consumer Electronics Show - 2017

Huawei Mate 9 with Alexa - Mate 9 is now available in the US too. This smartphone will be the first to have Amazon Alexa - an excellent virtual assistance on smart devices which will control your home through your commands.

LG Stylus 3 - For those, who are die hard fan of the stylus, and slightly unhappy with Galaxy Note 7 recall, can look for this option. This is the only stylus high-end option right now available till Galaxy 8 comes. 

ZTE Axon 7 - ZTE Axon 7 is the great budget high-end Apple/Samsung alternative unveiled at CES, It is a full metal body with rounded corners and has some of the best specs out there. With Quad HD AMOLED display, Dual front facing stereo speakers, 20Mp rear camera, 4k video support, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, microSD, QuickCharge 3.0 and USB-C support this is some of the great bargains. 

At around $400 price tag, Axon 7 competes for high-end competitors at around half a price.

Huawei Honor Magic - It has built-in AI (artificial intelligence), and available only in China right now, has more productive features including surface notifications, flashlight and much more. 

Asus ZenFone AR - probably the first phone to support Augmented reality features and work with both Google Tango and Google's Daydream and can smartly layer information in front of your eyes. Surely it will support most of the smart glasses features too.

Honor 6X - Honor 6X was revealed at CES with again all-metal design. Its has 5.5 Inch full HD display, auto-adjusting brightness levels, advance refocusing, 3340mAh high-density battery, 70 hrs of music playback, 8 hrs of gaming on full charge and are some of the main attraction. Device is expected to have price range of $250 only and the best alternative to Apple/Samsung devices.  

BlackBerry Mercury - After secured by Alcatel, Blackberry now has more life with their trusted user support. Surely, we will see more Blackberry phones soon or later and 'Mercury' will be available for review by next month at MWC.

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HTC U - HTC will launch a new product called U with some of the great features and mostly they will be named as 'HTC U Ultra and U Play. 

Nokia 6 - Nokia with support from HMD Global ready to bring a new android based smartphone. Nokia after a pause came back with their android smartphone initiative and some surprising features with upcoming Nokia 6 launch. 

Nokia 6 will have an aluminum body with just 8mm thickness, Octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5.5 Inch Full HD display, 4GB RAM, microSD, 16Mp Camera, 8Mp front facing, Android 7.0 Nougat OS and 4G/LTE capabilities. 

It will also have a front-facing fingerprint scanner and support for Dolby ATMOS surround sound technology. It seems Nokia is waiting for next month's MWC 2017 show to bring this phone to the market. Approximate price range is $245.

Asus ZenFone 3 and Zoom - Asus last week revealed their new upgrade to ZenFone series with ZenFone 3 and a mid-range ZenFone Zoom with pretty decent specs. 

Zoom claims to boost battery life up to 25 hours of web browsing, 48 hours of talk time and 42 days stand by on single charge. It has 12Mp dual lenses camera with 2.3x optical zoom similar to an iPhone 7 Plus. It has a 13Mp front-facing the camera for selfies and a more interestingly device is 4K supported. Expected pricing is around $500.

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0 MATRIX PowerWatch at CES 2017 - No Batteries Needed

Matrix is exhibiting the new charging-less PowerWatch at CES 2017. Matrix PowerWatch could be the key to a smartwatch future. It requires no charging and works on the body heat. PowerWatch can bring the revolution in the industry where every wireless Bluetooth small gadget requires the li-po charging capsule which does not last longer hours. 

Bluetooth devices often fear for this charging issue and people most of the time prefer the wired devices. At least smartwatches, which requires very less power, are solved for now as it requires very little energy to keep it up on.

MATRIX PowerWatch

The MATRIX PowerWatch brought to us by an indiegogo crowd funder Akram Boukai is the world's first smartwatch that never has to charge and works on the head produced by our body. Its ultra low power consuming microprocessor from Amiq Micro works flawless and measure number of fitness activities while on the go. It can nicely measure calories burned, activity levels, sleep data using advanced thermoelectric technology. It also indicates how much electrical power you are generating. 

See on Indiegogo.com