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0 Great Remote Tools to Access Your Smartphone and PC

Remote Assistance is largely accepted worldwide as Computers and Devices can be easily accessed from an Administrator's location directly. Whether it is office or a home network, everyone needs assistance and these advanced apps will help you do so quickly solving your day to day difficulties. 

TeamViewer QuickSupport - Access your Android device from anywhere

TeamViewer QuickSupport is an amazing software, free for personal use, with which one can take a remote control of any authorized Android device from a Windows computer. This software will surely help many people solve their Android issues without giving their phones to other's hands. Just allow remote access to someone in front of you and, similar to TeamViewer, they will solve your issues. 

This article will guide you setup TeamViewer on both Android Device as well on PC and teach you some basic functions.

To get started, you will have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport on your Android device and the TeamViewer app for Windows on your computer. Then you will need to log in with your account details. 

Some devices need additional add-ons to be installed to work it properly. Once installed, run and wait till initial setup finishes. 

After started, a system will generate Unique ID which can be used as a key to get remote access. One need to enter this key into TeamViewer Windows desktop app and securely start the remote action. 

Make sure both the devices are connected to the internet and the QuickSupport app is running on the device to create a successful connection.

Once you are ready, click on the remote control tab on the top left corner of the screen to establish a remote connection. Android user may have to allow many permissions to safely enable their device access.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Access your PC from anywhere

If you want to remotely access your computer from your Android Device or tablet, it is easily possible now using chrome remote desktop application. Google's Chrome remote desktop app is free and solves all the purpose. Within seconds you can actually operate your PC from your device from any location. 

image source: google.com
Using which you can edit folders, files, run programs and do anything. It is similar to TeamViewer Remote access app.


Now transfer files over wi-fi between device and PC easily. Its web interface will allow you access files smoothly. AirDroid is one of the famous remote tool available right now in the market. 
image credit: Google Play

It streams anything from your PC to android device. It does not require the transfer of files, it directly streams the files over the internet.

image credit: Google Play
Splashtop 2 - Access PC from an Android phone

It is yet another tool which does the same purpose. It helps a user to access authorized PC with an Android phone. Within the device screen, you can actually access your PC files such as music, videos and much more. At an easy price tag, $1.99 this app is also great for streaming over the internet again with faster frame rate.

image credit: Google Play
Mobizen - Access Android device on your PC

It is great to access your Android device on your PC. It allows handling of files in any way. Kind of an easy option.

image credit: Google Play
MightyText - Now get rid of annoying typing on your device, sync texts through PC

Sometimes it is boring to type long messages on the device, especially emails. MightyText will help you sync. texts from PC to the phone easily and whola! work done.

image credit: chrome.google.com
Using a cool app called Message Beam, one can transfer copied text/links directly to and from device/PC. It is amazing, especially you are on one platform and looking for same information on other platform say phone. See here on xda.developers forum

Wrapping Up,

TeamViewer Quicksupport is an amazing app to get help or help someone with remotely accessing their devices. It is a need for today and many are benefiting from it. If you are looking for some help with Android device, this app will surely solve your purpose. 

Whereas Chrome Remote Desktop app is an amazing way to access your PC from anywhere you are located. Both apps work well over an internet connection and does not need much software knowledge.

You have something to share, do write here in comments.

1 Undoubtedly Awesome Apps in Android Market - Updated 2016

Today's smartphone is simply a powerful gadget enough to organize everything you think of. Right from calling, texting, images, videos and other entertainment, these 21st-century apps can bring a lot of day-to-day productive ways to make your life easier.

We recently shortlisted some of the great apps which can increase your productivity amazingly. Android market has tons of apps and most of the time, we are confused about which one to use. Here is some amazing apps collection which will keep you happy on your fast pace life.

SkyPath for Android - Share your Images on Cloud and PC

It is free easy to use combined with Skypath Desktop application allows Android user to share their mobile photo library on ImageShack Cloud Service. Again it copies entire sky folder on your PC as a Skypath Folder. Saving photos were never been so easier. Now don't miss your memories ever. 
image credit: google play
Camscanner Turn your Device into an Intelligent Scanner

This app will turn your android device into a scanner. Which you can use to scan any physical documents like notes, certificates, receipts, business card etc., crop, edit and create PDF easily. It will also let you add password’s, watermarks etc. This is an excellent app to scan documents especially if you want to use them officially anywhere, anytime.

image credit: google play
Fake-a-call free - Now get away from an unwanted situation easily

It will let you create a fake call. Sometimes, we came across some boring or unwanted situation, where we don’t’ want to stay. In those situations, this app will play a vital role. All you need to set up a time like an alarm with a fake number and get the excuse of a call to get away from the situation.

image credit: google play
keePassDroid - An Excellent Password manager for Android

It is the best password manager for androids. It will help you manage your password of both computer and smartphone. And if you have too many accounts and use too many passwords keepassdroid is an easy go tool for you. All you need to do is to remember or keep your one master password and get access to all your password data. 

image credit: google play
LastPass - (Android, iOS) - Save your logins and passwords at a safe place

Now you won't have to worry about losing your login credentials on any service or site. LastPass will take care of everything.

My Backup Root - Auto-backup of your data on intervals

App schedules timely recovery of your phone data. In today’s busy life, this app can keep you cool by just taking all your data safe on regular intervals.

image credit: google play
Google Gesture search - Just draw some letters and App will suggest you things

An excellent app which you can use to access apps, contacts, bookmarks and setting quickly just by drawing a small gesture on the screen. 
Just set the gesture and the file you want to access. And the next time you draw the gesture on the screen the file will open.
image credit: google play
e.g. set C gesture for Camera, next time you draw C and camera app will open.

DroidWall - Restrict which Apps can access the network

Again like Windows firewall it restricts internet usage of apps by helping you to set permissions. Again great app from a security point of view. (Root Required)

image credit: google play
Airdroid - Now easily transfer files from Device to PC over wi-fi

A must have app for Wi-Fi file transfer between PC to Android. With the help of this app, you can also browse the file in your computer’s web browser in full screen and transfer file between both. 
If you are feeling bored to always take the phone to look for texts, missed calls and notifications while you are sitting in an office? Airdroid will help you mirror your device on a web browser. Similar to Whatsapp for the web, airdroid.com will mirror your device on PC so that you can do anything on it. It works over Wi-Fi. It also has a premium plan at $20.

Root Explorer - Excellent Android file manager with added features

It is a great file management App for android devices. This app covers functions like SQLite database viewer, zip file management, text editor, search, favorites, and a lot more.
image credit: google play
Tiny Flashlight + LED - Use your device in dark situations

Very useful and must have an app to use your phone as a torch. It uses your camera’s flash as a torch. It has a different light source like a warning light, police light, Colour light etc. It is a lightweight app with over 
100 million downloads.

image credit: google play
My Tracks - Great health app by Google

An excellent app developed by Google. It tracks your body’s path, speed, distance, and elevation by using GPS, when you walk, ride or do any activity. You can then save the data to Google Maps or Google docs.

image credit: google play
Call Master - Great free call management service

Gives you really hassle free call management service. Right from choosing calls, blocking unwanted calls, SMSs and MMSs before download this app does everything.

image credit: google play
Wheres my droid - Track your device easily

Awesome app for android to track your device. It can help you find your phone by turning the ringer volume up if your mobile was set on silent mode. You can also find the location of your device by link GPS coordinate with Google maps if you can’t hear the ring.

image credit: google play
Pocket - Save online content easily for next reference, kind of bookmarking

Sometimes we find a useful article or post but we don’t have time to read it. This app will help you to save the webpage for later use. Just keep it in your pocket. A Good app for organising articles for later reading. It is also available as web-browser extensions.

image credit: google play
Evernote - Take quick notes with photos and easy to-dos. (Android and iOS)

Cool productivity app for android to take quick notes. You can also capture a photo, create a to-do list and much more. Stay productive on the go.

image credit: google play
SD Maid - It's kind of a Ccleaner for Android Devices

This app will keep your phone clean and will work as Ccleaner in PC. There are many unwanted files are left behind after uninstalling app from your phone. SD Maid takes care of all the garbage. 

DU battery saver - Amazingly increases your phone's battery life

Does your phone's battery level goes down very soon? Then this app will vital for you.

A free and awesome app for saving and manage battery life. With its cool feature like one click optimization, phone cooler and easy to use interface it is must have app for any android device.

Dragon Mobile Assistant (beta) - Great voice recognition app for Android users

The app gives a conversational assistance which can be used for typing, making calls, booking reservations, chatting etc. We think it is an excellent voice recognition app available in the android market.

image credit: google play
Vidtrim - Easy Video editor on-the-go

This is an awesome app for editing and mixing video. It will let you cut, trim, edit a video. You can also convert video to mp3 format. Sometimes we like to cut a part of a video or join different video clips. Vidtrim – video editor will be helpful in those tasks.

StickMount - Use your phone's memory as a USB flash drive 

This app enables you to use your device as USB flash while you are on the move. Again great utility tool.

Greenify - Keeps no-much using apps to hibernate

App keeps the no much using apps to hibernate mode. This way it helps you keep your data usage and CPU load to a minimum.

Tasker - Make your phone work like a Robot

Tasker helps a user to create an intelligent automation on their device. It is one of the most powerful and versatile app available in the market. (Worth costing $2.99)

e.g. Keep my wi-fi off if the home router is off. 

You may also like "Tasker will help you Fully Automate your Android Smartphone"

image credit: google play
Dubsmash - Create cool dub-smash videos

This app helps a user to create cool dub smash videos.

Photomath by Microblink - Solves math by just using camera

This is an amazing app which uses a camera to capture math problems through images and easily converts into the mathematical way and gives you an answer.

image credit: google play
Dumpster - A great Android Recycle Bin

It is android recycle bin. So that even if you delete something by mistake, won't just wipe off from the phone.

CloudMagic - Great mobile email app supporting wide email services

It supports Gmail, iCloud, IMAP, Unified Inbox and Exchange. It also has contextual cards system which lets you send contents of your mail to tools such as OneNote, ZenDesk, Salesforce etc.

One of the best app to manage your pocket money

ADM - Best Internet download manager for mobile

Internet download manager for mobile. It is best downloading app works exactly same as on PC.

image credit: google play

One of the best android keyboard

image credit: google play
DroideditThis app is similar to notepad++ on windows

It is a great and  easy text plus source code editor available at free. Its latest version also supports many coding language syntax highlighting features. Its pro version has more advanced features such as SFTP/FTP support, Dropbox/drive/box support, external commands through SSH and much more.

image credit: google play
WPS Office - Mobile office suite, Great portable App

It was known as Kingsoft Office is yet another great popular mobile office suite application. It supports almost everything which office PC suite support. It is amazing, especially for tablet users.

Fantistical 2 - A brief calendar app for pro users (iOS - $4.99)

If you are a marketing honcho, you can't simply escape from this App. It gives a clean presentation of your set events and allows you manage them easily. It has cool Day Ticker feature which helps you stay focused on your current day events.

image credit: itunes.apple.com
Some of the other best options include Microsoft Outlook App, Google Keep, Expensify, Triplt, Hooks, Trello. You have your's to share with others. Cool! Post here in comments.

0 How to Save Any Photo on iPhone in MS-Word Format

Since the rise of Instagram and similar websites that use images as their main source of content, photos have become increasingly more and more precise and clear-cut. Today, you can take a screenshot of your phone or tablet and with a simple app called "Image to Word convert almost any photo to MS word and edit its text and other types of content. 

Remember all those times when you had to miss school and then copy notes from the previous class? Well, this app will scan, convert and save the files on your phone in no time. 

Here are some of the traits Image to Word has to offer: 
  • There are no limits to image size or the quantity of images you can convert which means this app will do work for you anytime you need it.
  • You can convert all types of images, from camera photos, to natural images and screenshots with impeccable quality.
  • The app won’t change the layout of the original file so that you don’t have to further edit the document.
  • The new file is in .docx format, which means you can easily search and edit the content.
  • Files are optimized after conversion for instant analysis and viewing.

In order to save the photo as a word file you will have to follow these steps:

1. Select the photo you want to convert by choosing between taking a snap with your camera, or choosing from your photo library:

2. Once you select the photo it will appear on the main screen. As you can see in the photo above, all ongoing and finished conversations are in one spot so that you don’t have to look around too much.

3.Once the file is converted, tap on it to see a preview. Click on the SHARE button in the bottom left corner and select which app you want to use for you new MS Word file. (see photo below)

Make sure you try out Image to Word, you can find it on the AppStore and it’s free to download, so let us know how you feel about it.

0 PDF to Excel - A Must-Have App for Excel Users

MS Excel is a very popular file format when it comes to data management. It’s not a surprise given that this tool offers effective and convenient data entry, data analysis, different kinds of calculations and much more. It’s an essential program for every office administrator, salesman, financial analyst and anyone who works with figures and spreadsheets on a daily basis. So in order to be more productive and make their work life easier, they are already familiar with this useful tool and have become Excel professionals.

On the other hand, not all information is expressed in Excel file format. Very often spreadsheets are saved as PDF document due to its steadfast nature. It’s the safest way to preserve important and valuable data. So, what to do in case you need to immediately reuse your old tables in PDF or urgently make some changes on existing PDF charts? That’s not an unusual occurrence since there are many businessmen handling their everyday task on the fly.   

In that case, when you are out of the office and left only to your smartphone, there is a useful app that can do the work. PDF to Excel converts efficiently PDF tables into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on mobile devices. Besides, this is a free app and there are many helpful features for busy professionals on the go:

logo credits: Adobe, Microsoft
It’s possible to convert Gmail attachments directly from the app
It’s possible to convert files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive within the app
Scanned tables can be converted too
No limits on file size or number of converted files

In addition, PDF to Excel has a very clean design and just in a few easy steps you can convert your document.

Step 1

Choose a file you wish to convert from your storage place.

Step 2

Tap on the Share button and after finding PDF to Excel in the OPEN IN menu, click on it. The converted document will be placed in the same folder where the original file is. Likewise, the conversion time depends on your Internet connection, on the file size and how busy the servers are.

Step 3

In order to work on your converted file, you’ll need an app that opens MS Excel files.

And that would be all. Now you are a real Excel pro who is able to deal with different spreadsheets on every device and anytime.

You can download PDF to Excel here - iOS and Android Version.

0 Will Samsung go Far Ahead of Apple with New Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung has been heavily criticized for stealing Apple's ideas all the time, but how to create a different device which has an exact similar function of all the devices? The answer is to stay competing with features and that's Samsung did over few years. Note 7 is the finest design Samsung have ever produced.

Samsung's lead designer Hong Yeo recently interviewed by Tech Insider with new Galaxy Note 7. S6 had his first design came into the market and earned a lot of applauds. 

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 7 in New York in a special event. It is a 5.7 Inch Phablet with curved edge display. It has a fantastic dual-curved screen with 1440x2560p, ~518 PPI density which looks even more stunning. Note 7 has an amazing combination of metal and glass. Its symmetrical display curves are eye catching. With such a massive display and thin bezel, Note 7 represents a design masterpiece.

The company also Confirms a variant of Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage as China Exclusive. It's a previously leaked and rumored Galaxy Note 7 variant with 128GB of onboard storage and 6GB RAM will be released only in china. 

The phone is actually smaller than some of the competitor's devices including iPhone 6S plus, Nexus 6P and Note 5. Taking about its S-pen, it is really advance tool right now available for artists and designers. It is pretty impressive with a capability to magnify parts of an image so that one can focus more on the brief details. Using s-pen one can switch between multiple apps, translate text using google's translate service. 

Galaxy Note 7 currently comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow onboard. The company also confirmed Android 7.0 Nougat Update schedule within 2-3 months.

Samsung's next big thing will be Samsung Galaxy S8 which will hit the market in early 2017. Galaxy X is also a new device which Samsung will bring in the market with completely flexible displays. One will actually fold and flex these devices. But that's a future part!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Design & Built

It looks like bigger S7 Edge. The phone holds an S-pen stylus at a bottom cavity which gives a writing ballpoint experience. Just like S7, new Note 7 is IP68 certified with water and dust resistant. It is just 7.9mm in thick with 168g weight. 

Note 7 has a fingerprint scanner and also an iris scanner built on phone's frontage. Iris uses infrared technology so that it can even work in low light conditions. This help user to use their eyes for unlocking the phone. It is similar to a biometric security system. The device supports Type-C USB with quick charge and 64GB onboard storage. With microSD support, one can extend the storage up to massive 256GB. (Still, it does not include UFS format)

The phone is powered by powerful Octa-core processor (Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor) with Exynos 8890 Octa chipset and 4GB RAM. Buy on Amazon

Software and Interface

There is a custom UI on the top of latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It has fabulous stylus includes pressure sensitivity to writing with amazing handwriting-to-text recognition and built in cut, copy and paste functions.

There are three more functions included in Air command as Translate, Magnify, and Glance. Looking at a camera phone has powerful 12Mp primary and 5Mp secondary camera. The phone comes with enough 3500 mAh battery support which is well balanced with advanced software and hardware support. 

Comparison Chart for Galaxy Note 7 Vs Apple's Latest iPhone 6S Plus

Galaxy Note 7
Apple iPhone 6s Plus
5.7 Inch
5.5 Inch
2560x 1440
Exynos 8893
Apple A9
Rear Camera
12 Mp
12 Mp
Front Camera
5 Mp
5 Mp
4 GB
2 GB
64 GB
16/64/128 GB
3500 mAh
2915 mAh
Water Resistance
S-Pen, Iris Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner, USB Type-C
Fingerprint Scanner only

It has a price tag of $850 worldwide with various plans available. Go ahead and get your Galaxy Note 7.

Competition with Apple 

Note 7 will compete Apple iPhone 6 and 7 in terms of display size and resolution. There is a large difference in terms of cost. Even if Apple brings something like 5.5 Inch retina display with their upcoming 7 series, it won't match with what Samsung is offering right now. Again, a cost of the devices will remain much higher and unmatched.

1 LG OLED55C6 - Superior OLED Smart TV from LG 2016 (Smartsheet)

LG is well known for their amazing LCD series and in 2016 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) their new OLED range just blew us away with superior display quality and amazing specifications. If you like watching HD, LG is for you. And after reading this review you will be well convinced to get one. This time, we are really impressed with LG OLED C6.

OLED55C6 : It is similar to their previous higher range B6 series but has curved screen and supports 3D. It has a massive 55 Inch display with the most affordable price range in 4k series in new OLED range. This time, a display has 8 Million pixels on it and LG has managed to control each of them. The depth of picture quality is absolutely stunning and hard to describe in words. 

LG C6 supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) making it easily manage color balance and darks flawlessly. It also comes with two sets of 3D Glasses to give you 3D watching experience. Mobile sync is a great option using which one can tether videos directly to TV. 

Some of the amazing features of LG OLED55C6

image credit: lg.com
Unveiled at CES 2016 LG have come up with some of the amazing features in TV market with the high-quality 4K OLED display. Its full specifications are as follows.

Huge with 55 Inches measured diagonally

Supports 3D while the B6 models fail

Native 4K/UHD resolution

HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR support with 40 Watts Speakers through 4 Channels.

WebOS 3.0 Smart System

Multimedia playback from DLNA supported

Exactly similar picture quality compared to expensive E6 and G6 siblings

Supports Freeview Play catch-up service (to support on demand 'big four' UK)

webOS smart TV engine comes with latest Netflix and Amazon streaming apps
Supports 4K and HDR features

Supports both 4K and HDR playback as well as open HDR 10 standard

The only brand to support Dolby Vision in the UK

LG OLED displays are capable of displaying 99% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum (referenced by the Ultra HD Premium Standards)

High levels of brightness are achieved as per picture requirement.

As individual pixels produce their own light, bright peaks look really bright on the screen parts creating more brief picture experience.

It's amazingly thin considering its bezel and rear depth.
Thin silver pedestal mount makes it appear like floating

Deep Black levels are achieved where they are required on the screen which is a promising feature of OLED technology.

Handsome price tag around $2500 as of review date.

Buy on Amazon 55" Model & 65" Model


Pixels of glass effect on 'Signature G6 OLED' is more attractive.

The absence of large audio output makes it deliver less satisfaction for the particular customers when compared to other G6 and E6 models.


With LG's new OLED series in you living room, you will get amazing TV watching experience again with easy content streaming through smartphones. A picture quality can not be compared with anything right now in the market making it a unique choice at a whatsoever price tag. 

Brilliant Display technology, digital Dolby sound support, a great design built and 3D capabilities are some of the unique features LG offers this time.