Qt support Tizen OS based Smartphone Sensors
Great news for Tizen developers. Qt now gives support for Tizen OS based smartphones. It is available for Tizen 1.0 Alpha 3 and newer versions. Qt's new API support will enhance smartphones sensors usability such as accelerometer, gravity, compass, rotation, proximity, gyroscope and light.

Qt's Quick APIs from Qt 5 can be used with standard Qt APIs to enhance sensors performance in application and gaming. Even Tizen based IVI-In Vehicle Infotainment products can be synchronized with Qts recent APIs. This is welcome news for Android, Tizen, Blackberry and iOS developers to go ahead with the application ease and rich experience. Tizen again now supported by flexible C++ plug-in API, and same are applicable to Tizen Emulator as well.

The demonstrative video has been released by Leon Anavi prepared on developer device RD-PQ.
(Source Anavi.org)

Application usage of Qt project is based on simple basic concepts such as User inputs which include Touch, Mouse, Keyboard Input and Keyboard Focus, Device Motion Gestures.

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