Ways to Remote Your PC with Android Smartphone, Best Softwares
Looking at a current rapidly growing smartphone usage, more productive ways is a key to the advance future. Your Android device may be doing excellent but there are a lot of other things you can do with it. One of such things includes using it for accessing your PC or other OS based devices remotely.

Most of them require an Android device with at least 2.0 and above versions. There are plenty of Apps available online to synchronize your PC with Android device. This is the best way you can use both the things together without actual data transfer. That’s what it is called as “Remote Access”.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an easy tool with all in one solution for all the Remote Functions. It has a quite easy installation process and you can parallely use an Android App on the device to synchronize both the things through Wi-Fi.

Mostly it will automatically sync and if not, you will have to manually input the IPs and Server Addresses into the System.

Right from using your device as a clickable mouse to as a multimedia remote, you have a lot of other options available with your new Android Remote.

Unified Remote Android PC

Available at Free

VLC Remote

The app looks basic but it has the potential to satisfy all your multimedia needs. Right from surfing channel through your device to accessing your multimedia on PC, VLC remote can handle everything. VLC Direct Pro is available free in Android market. It will automatically search an available network for syncing through Wi-Fi.

You are all set to go. Its interface is quite simple and does not need any technical heck. Use your device as a multimedia remote control with large touchscreen input. Just remember VLC can support a specific type of files and cannot simply play any media. You can even access multiple computer stations from the same device by specifying different available IPs into an app.  

VLC Android Remote

Available at $2.99 for Full Version.

Team Viewer Quick Support

One of the popularly used remote accessing free utility worldwide. It can similarly work with Android device as well. Using TeamViewerQS_en.exe free utility which is self-contained and not necessarily requires an install, you can turn ON the software on your PC first.

Get TeamViewer App from Android market and, input ID/password (Randomly Generated) on your PC to Android Setup. You will see a remote desktop screen on your Android device ready to use.

Team Viewer Quick Support

Available Free, by TeamViewer

Team Viewer for Remote control

It requires manually starting an Application on PC, unlike others. It has very easy setup.

Team Viewer Remote Control

Available Free, by TeamViewer

Access your PC On-the-Go with Wake-On-LAN

Using Global IP address assigned to your personal computer you can access your pc from wherever you are. Get it by googling "What is my IP address" and it’s done! All you need to learn is to set your home's router configuration properly. Your pc should be set to constant IP address and not on always varying type, because most of the cases while reconnecting router affects IP address to change.

You will be surprised to know that every computer has Wake-on-LAN setting which can enable a network card to Stay ON while your computer sleeps. In some cases, you will have to modify your BIOS for Wake-on-LAN settings and Network Card's advance settings. There is also a button for turning ON the Wake-on-LAN on some adapters.

Once these settings are correctly done, just get Wake-on-LAN Android app from the online Android market and you are ready to go out with your virtual computer and even turn your PC to sleep mode.

Using this facility you can turn your PC ON (wake it up), Surf media or watch TV with remote Android apps On-the-Go.

Wake on LAN Android App Remote pc

Links: Google Play

Virtual Network Computing

Even if VNC is just about using your pc with a smartphone cursor, it can do much more for you such as Opening Files, Converting Documents, Mailing etc. From RealVNC website you can get a free setup for installation.
All set! Just get any VNC Android app for your smartphone, input your PC details such as IP and password and access your device as easy mouse input device for your pc. This will give you a similar experience as using TeamViewer.

VNC by RealVNC, Remote PC

Available at $10, by RealVNC Ltd

Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC)

It is very similar remote pc app available for Android devices. The app supports Windows and Linux platforms and offers Multi-touch Gestures, Sound Streaming, Encryption and Multiple Monitors.

Jump Desktop for Android Remote Access

Available at $9.99, by Phase Five Systems LLC

Splashtop 2
One the most favorite desktop app for android. Works on Windows, Linux, Mac and easy to install.

Available for Free, by Splashtop

LogMeIn Ignition

It gives professional working access. It can automatically Wake you pc, Stream Sound Transfer, Print Files Remotely. It is best in class complete remote desktop solution.

LogMeIn Ignition

Available at $29.99, by LogMeIn, Inc.

YouTube Remote

With YouTube remote, you can play your pc from a smartphone. You can create playlists control them and access easily through your device. It requires Android 2.0 or above.

YouTube Remote

Remote for iTunes –

An easy go app features much easy multimedia function on your Android device. It works flawlessly with your pc's iTunes.

Available at $4.99 by Hyperfine.

Official XBMC Remote

A free App available for Windows, Linux, Mac and other platforms. It has a very natural interface and easy to use on your Android device.

XBMC Remote is very popular among many other favorite media centers.

Official XBMC Remote

Available for Free by Team XBMC

RemoteDroid –
An easy App and software for your devices with a full cursor and text navigation from your Android device.

RemoteDroid Remote PC Android app

PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro 

Awarded by many, PocketCloud works best with Windows and Mac. It has full support for multitouch gestures, Microsoft products including proprietary encryption and authentication.

PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro

Available at $14.99, by Wyse Technology Inc.

GMote 2.0

GMote Server provides excellent support for using your Android device as a remote. All you need is GMote server software, GMote App on your Android Phone and a PC with Windows, Mac or Linux installed. You will also need a Wi-Fi enabled router (forward port) and fast internet connection.

Gmote 2.0 Android App Remote Access

Apps for Content Streaming
If you are a fan of storing your favorite multimedia on your computer with Discs and CDs, you can use your Android device to stream them for you.

Your computer, in this case, will work as a server and you can enjoy the multimedia content whenever you want through your Android device remote access.

Supported Apps: 

Plex, For Android - 5$, by Plex, Inc.
Yaste, the XBMC Remote - Free, by Tolriq
Subsonic Music Streamer - Free, by Sindre Mehus
Tonido File Access Share Sync - Free, by CodeLathe LLC
AirStream: Stream PC over Air - Free, by Nityaa Labs

Wish to access your Android Smartphone using TeamViewer?

It sounds pretty reverse of what TeamViewer does from a long time but in real it is still difficult for the team. By far, only stock Samsung devices (Gingerbread) can be accessed using TeamViewer, but soon or later it will support for other devices. 

One can also access their android devices using 'Webkey'. For transferring text you can use 'AirDroid' and cameras access a 'IP Webcam'.

RemoteRoid - Again for accessing 'Android device' from pc. Enjoy!

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