How To Insert "About the Author" Box below Every Post in Blogger
Seeing 'About the Author box' in Blog is common nowadays, however, it has quite positive impact on the new visitors. Especially when people want to bookmark or favorite your site. This information right below the post can create a significant difference.

For new Bloggers, it may look little fading, but with the slight professional Blog content, this information can look very impressive. A specific pool of visitors can focus on the author's bio/ target content immediately and so help them to like and bookmark the site for their future reference.

Update Feb. 2016

Blogger has updated their template interface, it includes Checkbox selection for "Author Profile Below Post". It does not require any codes to use and gives perfect output.

Go to Blogger > Dashboard > Layout Section

Edit Settings For Blog Posts in Blogger Templates

Post Configuration window will open. Just scroll down to find checkbox saying "Show Author Profile below Post".

Edit Post configuration in Blogger New 2104

Recent Blogging platforms must get the desired output since Google have done an update now. Older versions may need to follow below procedures.

Note: Make sure you have updated your Google Profile Information with a photo so that the complete info appear below the post.

Insert "About the Author" Box below Every Post in Blogger
(Editing Codes)

Go to Blogger > Dashboard
Go to Template > Edit HTML
Click on Expand Widget Template (or Manually Expand clicking Arrows)

Hit Ctrl+F (inside code area) and search for "]]></b:skin>"
Copy below code lines and paste just above "]]></b:skin>"

Now search <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>
Paste following code lines just below it.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div class='author_info'>
<div class='author_photo'>
<img alt='author' src=''/></div>
<h3>About the Author</h3> This article is written by: <b>AuthorName</b> - He have already written <b>160</b> articles for <a href='Your-Blog-link-here'>Your-Blog-Name</a> YourName is a Technology writer. Stay touch with him on <a href=''>Twitter</a>, <a href='Your Facebook URL'>Facebook</a> or <a href='your e mail ID'>email</a> him <br> </br> <br> </br>
YourName&#39;s <a href='your web url'>Website</a><br style='clear:both;'/>

You can edit information such as "image link at “", "AuthorName", "Your-Blog-Name" and "About the Author" with your own words.

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