How to Insert Code/Scripts inside Blogger Posts
There are different ways you can display a special text box, scripts or code lines inside your blog posts. Bloggers often struggle to use this features due to the complexity of the codes being displayed correctly on their blogs. More importantly, they must work correctly after being copied to the HTML pages or programs. That is the reason; using a simplest form for displaying codes and special text is wise and advised.

You can use simple ‘textarea’ HTML code which can be utilized in different variations. To proceed with <textarea> tag, Go to Edit HTML tab whenever you want to insert special text lines while making a new post. If you want this use these text codes in sidebars etc. use template settings, Go to Page Elements, Add a Page Element and select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ and insert the codes.

How to Insert Code Scripts inside Blogger Posts?

These examples are as follows.

Displaying Simple Text Block with Single Line Border

<textarea rows="2" cols="40">

Using this code in your Post's HTML form will accurately give below results. Attributes such as rows and cols are self-explanatory and you can modify values easily in these codes.


Link to site Text Box
Many times within special text box or coding you wish your visitors to click some external or internal links.

<textarea rows="4" cols="65" name="Link to Site" readonly="readonly">Your Link Here</textarea>


Read Only Text Box
Important site information such as About us, Terms, Privacy Pages, Quotes and other texts can be used with read only attributes.

<textarea rows="3" cols="65" name="Famous Quotes" readonly="readonly">
“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value...” Albert Einstein



Text box with simple Notepad like Word Wrap feature

<textarea rows="5" cols="65" wrap="hard">


hard: line breaks into text by users will be displayed in site form.
soft: wrap will happen but line breaks will not be displayed in site form.
off: this will put off the wrap and text will be displayed in straight line breaking post borders.

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