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1 Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks, Updated 2016

While you are already familiar with the Facebook and its amazing interface, there are still plenty of interesting features which your haven't tried yet. These may not be a special Tricks but surely they are of great help for power users. Many of them work instantly while you are on desktop and make your social networking experience go at extreme level.

These are small add-ons and third party apps made available for million of users for free to simplify the regular fb activities such as updating and viewing messages, downloading albums at a single click, notifications etc.

Great Facebook Tips

Below are some must know Facebook Tips:

1. Edit Facebook Login Page
Go to Facebook login page

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true'; document.designMode=’on'; void 0
hit Enter. Now you will be able to do any changes with normal editing.

This trick works at most of the places. Enjoy!

2. Download Friend's Facebook Albums
Many album downloaders are available on web. Just like downloading Videos with YouTube Add On, these add-ons and utilities work flawless with a single click.

Facebook DownloadPhotos

b. PhotoGrabber - Using this utility you can download Photos of your selected friends right on your desktop. No need to select each and every photo again by going to individual albums.

Facebook PhotoGrabber

Using PhotoGrabber you can do following things.
Download photos in which your friend is tagged in.
Albums in which your friend's photos are available.
Albums uploaded by your friends, Comments and tags on photos.

c. Fluschipranie: (Firefox Plug-in)
After installing plug-in in Firefox, just right click on the Album in FB and click "fluschipranie Download" option. Give a "base name" while downloading and photos will be tagged in series as "base name 1", "base name 2" etc. or "example 1", "example 2" etc.

Facebook fluschipranie  firefox add on

d. Download Facebook Albums as HTML page in Google webstore
PhotoLive is great extension currently available in Google Store. You can get photos as HTML web file format which is easier to save on your online account.

3. Update Facebook From Mozilla Firefox
Utilities such as FireStatus allow users to update many social sites including Facebook, Twitter etc. without logging into them individually. Forget the hassle of visiting every page many times a day and hundred times a week. Stay updated on your network with single interface.

Facebook firestatus firefox add on

Facebook has a tab button to put certain members off on the chat and you can display them as Offline.

Hide your online status on Facbook

5. Share Your Flickr Photos to Facebook
Using Flickr2Facebook you can easily get your Flickr photos to go on Facebook. This is an unofficial uploader currently available.
Flickr2Facebook Share FB Photos

For this first you need a Greasemonkey Add-on to load on Firefox and then installing Flick2Facebook Greasemonkey script from Userscript.org

Greasemonkey Add on for Facebook
Things required: Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey Add-on for Facebook and Flickr2Facebook Userscript

6. Facebook Desktop Application
Applications such as Xobni, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Facebook AIR, Facebooker are some of the freely available so that you can use Facebook without going to web and run as a regular windows application.

7. Get Facebook Updates On Email
Using NutshellMail Application you can easily connect Facebook updates directly to be mailed on your regular mail account.

NutShellMail for Facebook

8. Create Quiz On Facebook
a. pageyourself is great utility using which you can easily create your own Quiz on Facebook.

pageyourself fb quiz creator

b. AgoraPulse is again best option for complete survey and quiz taking online. It provides detailed analysis and accurate data.

AgoraPulse Facebook Quiz App

9. Facebook Chat for Desktop
Applications Such as Digsby and Gabtastik will help you be on Facebook Chat without using regular Facebook on web. It also saves lot of Kbs as it does not require browser and works on minimum connection speed.

10. Get Facebook Chat on Firefox Browser
Firefox Add-on named Facebook Messenger is great utility supported by Mozilla to instantly get in touch with friends. It does not require to special Facebook site visit and login separately.

11. Get Away From Facebook Advertisements
A cool Greasemonkey script called as "Facebook: Cleaner" can be easily installed on facebook to remove all the annoying updates and ads. Get Here

12. Share your Blog Posts To Facebook Wall
Add-ons and Plug-ins Supported:

Share your posts on FB Wall

Jetpack Publicize
1-Click Retweet/Share/Like
SocialPublish NextScripts - Social Networks Auto Poster
MailChimp Social

13. Share animated GIF images on Facebook
Gizmodo finally unveils the facts of uploading GIF files on Facebook through Giphy. Giphy is a gif search engine where now you can embed, link and share your own gifs anywhere on Facebook and other sites. Basically Giphy created a code that loop on Facebook. Either copy a web url of the gif page on Giphy or embed using "share GIF".  Unfortunately Facebook still denies an official usage of GIFs.

GIFs on Facebook through Giphy

There is also a traditional trick available to put GIF on Facebook anywhere. See here "Post Animated GIFs on Facebook."

14. See yourself Some FB hack still working
There is a little fun I found on web while searching some facebook tips.

Just go to your FB account and Click Home. Do the following tabs properly.

UP 2 times, DOWN 2 times, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, Enter,
and then scroll up or down.

You will see shining circles on Facebook with diamond ring effect.
15. Edit once entered FB comment 
Follow below simple steps to edit already entered fb comment.
1. The instant you put any comment on fb, immediately a 'x' button appears at top right.
2. In the appearing textbox you can edit your comment. 
3. You can do this editing only within 1 minute so be fast. 

16. Post Empty Status and comment on FB
Yes, you can put empty status or comment on facebook, just follow these steps.
1.  Login and go to status update field.
2. Press and hold Alt key and enter 0173.
3. Now release the key and press share the post button. 
Done! You have just entered empty status or comment.

17. Track who deleted you on Fb recently. Click here
Follow the article by clicking on the link above.

18. Best Chrome Extensions for Facebook
a. Photon - It adds menus to fb photos which help user to download, share and edit.
b. Facebook for chrome - It is FB customized user interface for using within Chrome. You can do most of the fb things with this small extension.
c. Adblock plus - It removes ads from Facebook and works well for almost all the platforms.
d. Social Fixer - It filters news feed, hide posts which you have already read, seen notifications etc. It has customized toolbar.
e. Photo zoom - When you hover on image in facebook, it is enlarged. This extension works pretty well while compared with many other available.
f. Download FB Album Mod - This great extension lets user download all the small and big images on his FB account.
g. Hootlet - Hootlet combines many social media platforms at one place. With this extension you can do most of your social networking things by staying at one tab place.
h. Facebook Notifications - With this extension you do not often log in to fb. All updates will be seen on chrome itself.
i. Facebook Color changer - If you wish to try different look to your conventional FB theme, you can try any other color for fb site. 
j. FB Dislike - Yet another amazing addition. Like is a fashion now a days. Lot more things to dislike and yes this extension does the same.

19. Hack Facebook Account using Backtrack 5R3

Linux based Backtrack 5R3 is yet another attempt to hack Facebook accounts. Be aware if you let someone note down you ip address. Well its pretty easy for anyone around you.

Install Backtrack from their Site.

Open backtrack terminal and type cd/pentest/exploists/set
Type ./set to open "Social Engineering Tool Kit"
Now select "Social Engineering Attacks", type 1 and Hit enter.
Select option 2 which is "Website Attack Vectors"
Now select 4th option "Tabnabbing Attack Method"
Select otion 2 "Site Cloner"

Add your IP address
Add a Facebook URL (You want to hack FB so use http://www.facebook.com)

Paste your IP in address bar and while user log in to your page, the details will appear on your terminal.
To know you IP address just type "ipconfig" in teerminal.

Enjoy the trick.

Please note this FB section is for educational and awareness purpose only. Choozurmobile is not responsible for any misuse.
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