How to Map Multiple Clickable Links on Your Website Images
Have you ever had a thought about clicking links within your site images? It’s now easily possible with online image linking project "image-maps". An Image map is a single image with clickable links at different parts of it. Whether it is a text-graphic or a pure icon based image, you can link any part of your photos to a clickable link. The original look of an image will look normal as before but a clicking action will take place and user will be directed to defined web address. Look at below image and click on the portions you like.

Image-maps Online tool

Image Map
Images with clickable links using

Firstly, prepare your images focusing the clickable areas in it.
Go to and click "Browse for File".

Once an image is uploaded successfully, click "Start Mapping Your Image" button.
Select "continue to next step" and right click on the image where you want to create your first link.

Rest all the instructions are self-explanatory and very simple. You can select the portion of the image using a rectangle, circle or poly area select tool.

Options such as "Show Text Links" will be shown; you can also decide to hide them. There will also be an option to include the external link, tags, and events. You can easily learn them by doing some attempts.

Once done, a site will ask you to create an account before you save your mapped image. It is a simple process and you will just need to confirm their message from your email inbox.

How to Use the Image on Websites?

Click Get Your Code and Select HTML Codes to paste in the web page's HTML view.
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Images with clickable links using

Thinglink is again a best online tool to create an image having links over it. Thinglink allows a user to add linkable content on any part of images. You can create your own ideas to create powerful campaigns, banners and other ideas.
Linkable content on images using
Image source: is again a similar tool to create such images. The user interface is very easy and you can create your own ideas. 
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