Make Your Android Smartphone Work Ever Faster - Amazing Tips!
Optimizing smartphone for enhanced performance and battery life is a necessary thing nowadays. With a short of power juice, it becomes difficult to stay connected as well as entertained whole day. Whether it is the internet, playing games or even running multiple apps, keeping your smartphone at balanced speed is often not a very easy task. With some tricks and tips, you can save a lot of your battery life and keep your device much faster. Here are some simple but much-avoided tips for most of us smartphone users.

Android Smartphone Speed Up Tips

Enable Feature Wi-Fi. Whenever there is no need of Wi-Fi, just make sure it is switched off. Same with the Bluetooth. These features consistently pull power from the device to stay connected with external devices.

Disable Synchronization feature. It pulls a lot of battery for constant sync. You can simply do this activity once a while.

Reduce Contrast/ Brightness - Smartphone display is bigger in size and enough of the battery is pulled to keep it shining. Just by lowering the display ratios mostly in the afternoon can save a lot of energy.

Keep Auto-save data on SD memory card. It certainly accelerates the smartphone performance by keeping an internal system clean.

Removing unwanted apps just as we do in computers will appreciably speed up the overall performance by reducing a load on the internal system.

Clear cache - Regular clearing of app cache will keep your smartphone less blocked with those unwanted data. Few popular apps such as Clean master (android app) will do that for you. App Cache Cleaner

Multiple widgets, live wallpapers can slow down your device. Try to keep them at a minimum. Disabling animations are the one part of it. Apps running at the back must be closed if not in use. Many times we ignore this and device may heat up unnecessarily.

Processes such as Android rooting, Custom ROM update (CyanogenMod) will certainly help you get most out of your Android device.

Use Third-party App launcher -

The reason behind this is most of the smartphone manufacturers have the base OS modified to suit their own brand and look. These settings slow down the loading speed unnecessarily. By installing third-party app launcher which is much simpler than rooting or custom ROM, will surely help to get faster operations.

Make sure you have upgraded your firmware to the latest. It will wipe out the outdated features and let device work on the latest system settings.

The apps or programs which are working in the background must be closed immediately to keep device lighter. This is simply like ctrl+alt+del of a windows computer.

SSD TRIM is again useful for solid state data storage using devices. One of the major limitations of such SSDs is they need to completely wipe out before required to be re-written. OS needs to issue a TRIM command to do this operation. In latest Android versions this problem is solved to a much extent but for older OS users need to root their devices and install LagFix app from play store. However in some cases, SSD trim is strictly not advised if not done properly, but LagFix will surely help for this.

SSD drive TRIM wiping out unused blocks of drive

Compatible OS and Apps -  as per Version of your Device - Never upgrade your device to higher if it is not recommended. Just imagine if you upgrade iPhone 3G with iOS 7 what will happen? 

Uninstall not using apps so that they do not consume any more RAM or internet from your device. If you press the home button for a while, Android UI will list all open apps, this need to be checked repeatedly so as to save the power and processes. (this is similar to ctrl+alt+del of a desktop computer)

Keep auto data off - Try to keep Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data to off condition, or in "when needed" mode so as to save power juice. Similarly GPS, Auto Sync must be kept off, rather do them manually at a certain interval. Limit on a usage of live wallpapers - they consume more processor and hence more power. 

Finally, reboot your device say after 3 to 4 days so as it shut down all the background running tasks or hacks and starts in a healthy manner again. (Just similar to PC).

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