Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal - Get Upto 50% Discount!
Growing with the site is a slow process for many of us. However if we do proper keyword research and analysis, within few months you can raise your PR like anything. Searching profitable keywords by your own may be a tedious task, as we cannot figure out what is cooking there online all the time. Site owners use keyword analysis tools to find out which set of keywords are rare and most relevant to your website niche and hence getting noticed instantly by online visitors is a key to the success.

Thousand of website owners appreciate Long Tail Pro for advanced keyword analysis. Using it you will quickly understand which set of keywords are mostly suitable for your topics with their most important metrics. e.g. avg. cost per click, no. of monthly searches for that keyword, keyword competition, overall competition for that keyword in online market etc.

If someone is offering you 70% or 80% discount, most probably it is a fake deal! Be aware of such discount offers.

Long Tail Pro has come up with the special promotion for those who cannot afford the high price. So if you are looking for this famous keyword tool from long, this might be a great saving for you.

With this offer, you can save up to 50% cost on subscription. You can also get lifetime activation with a little more onetime cost which is much less than the normal price as a special discount. This offer is currently ON. So, Grab it before its too late.

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Stay assured that you will be getting offer from official longtailpro.com. With this special discount link, you will get the latest version of LTP with full technical support. 

Click Below video to know how to use Long Tail Pro V3.0

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LTP offers one-time discount per user. They do not offer a discount on monthly subscriptions. LTP platinum version is currently at $352 with one-month free usage. Later on, you can decide to buy it or not upon your experience and satisfaction.

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