LG G3 Android OS and Custom ROM Update Issues
Updating your new Android Device to a latest operating system may sound fascinating for many people. If you are not waiting for OTA updates from your device's company, you can look for updating OS manually using custom ROM or recovery methods.

But while you do so, you may land up in errors and connectivity issues with your device. Finding correct USB drivers suitable for your device and tools which will successfully install a new operating system to the device.

Samual, a Korean Guy posted a review on his LG G3 Korean Clone device, which he unable to update using LG official tools and hence asked for help in online communities. This device is not from original manufacturer but has almost same features as original. If you have the same phone crashed or waiting to get upgraded, this review is very useful for you.

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- How to move ahead?

If you are trying to go to recovery mode on your LG G3 smartphone and land up with above situation, just don't worry. It is just a doorstep to go to recovery mode.

Click power button for few second, release and then click volume up button. Your device must go now to recovery mode.

Install Minimum Android SDK for your Android OS update such as custom ROM or latest Android Marshmallow 6.

Download minimum Android SDK here. This will allow you use ADB commands easily to flash your device with custom ROM or in a better case to go for ADB sideload.

Also see this youtube video for "How to install the Android SDK, ADB and Fastboot on your PC" easily with steps.

If your device is facing Boot loop error and your device is not using ADB follow these steps

Click here your YouTube guide.

Getting Flashable ROM's for your LG G3 

(Best use ADB sideload to push or pull files from your device)

Using ADB commands you can easily transfer files between your device and computer. All you need to do is to install android SDK manager, download latest adb files, platform tools, google USB drivers and start with your new operating installation.

These ZIP ROM files are intact and once they are copied to the device using ADB command, they will be automatically installed.

Download - Just Google "Flashable ROM 'your model' files" and you will get them easily.

ADB Device is not found on PC

Possible Reasons

Google Android Drivers are not installed correctly.
You may manually need to install drivers again.

MT65xx Android Phone - How to install drivers manually?

If your device is not showing up in My computer drives, your phone may have crashed or its drivers are not properly installed and hence, my computer is just showing your hardware as an android phone. In some cases, if your device is from some unknown manufacturer (china mobiles), it may not detect correctly.

In such cases, it is difficult to carry operations such as OS restoring, OS installation, custom ROM installation etc. 

PDANet is one of the best apps to look for correct drivers as per the OEM make. Get it here.

How to manually install MediaTek Drivers? - Click here Korean Hovatek Guide

How to use SP Flash Tool (MediaTek MT65xx Android Phone) - Click here Korean Hovatek Guide

In a Best Scenario...

If are unable to connect your device to your PC for some reasons mentioned above, just try to update it from sd card from your device's recovery mode. Every android smartphone has inbuilt recovery mode from where you can try new ROM installation. 

Resources for your lg g3 clone korean mediatek model - Basic ROM files and flash tool.
13th Freak has a great review and updated files, get them here
or click here

If you have questions, please ask in comments below.

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