Amazing Google Drive Tips for Pro Users
Google Drive is most probably the best online editing tool made available by Google which is again an easier option instead of using conventional PC software. G-drive also serves better option for online collaborative work for professionals and students. 

To enhance your Google Drive experience we have listed here some of the best tips and tricks.

Access your Files Offline

No need to constantly rely on internet connection. Just go to gDrive, click on settings gear on the top right, check the settings "Sync files to this computer" and it’s done. You do not have to be online all the time for accessing your valuable information.

Monitor Drive's Activities

On the homepage, click on the black circle with the letter "i" on the top right. Now select 'activity' or 'details'. You will get all details of your files accessed and related activities.

Customize the App Launcher

Google's default App launcher help user to switch between different services such as Gmail, Docs, Maps. If you are pro user of Gdrive you can easily cusomize as per your needs similar to in smartphone. 

While you are signed in, just go to launcher, select and drag the icons to set them as per you need.

Convert on Upload

Better edit and work online. Instead of just uploading files, let them be converted automatically so that you can access and edit them easily anytime, anywhere.

For this go to Google Drive, locate the settings icon. Check the box for “Convert uploads.”

Locate Files from Yesterday

The search box at the top of Google Drive helps you to find your files. If you want to locate a file on a particular day type in Before yyyy-mm-dd After yyyy-mm-dd.

Delete Large Files

Sometimes, it would be a wiser decision to review your files on a cloud storage. Many files which are not in use and occupying unnecessary space can be removed. This will free up much of a space and faster your G-Drive.

If you hover over the data usage, a pop-up window will show you the details instantly. 

Draw and Search Special Characters

Google Docs, Drawings and slides allow user to use special characters. But its boaring to keep finding them, so there is a cool feature which works on drawing method. Just draw your special character and let google search it for you. A matching list of special character will appear for you use.

Explorer View

Explorer View is a very productive if you have multiple folders and their subfolders. Depending upon your content categories you may need to store them in relevant folders for easy access. With this, moving files between folders will also be done quite easily.

Copying Files

Using alt key while dragging the file or folder will create its copy. You can also use Shift + Z while doing so.

Marking (Color) Folders

For easy use, you can mark your folders with different colors. This will be productive if you have more data to sort and navigate through them. 

Use your Voice for typing

While most of the softwares are already available for voice to type features, G drive has its own voice to type feature which works flawless. Just Go to Tools and Click on 'Voice typing...' Check the demo

Downloading a Folder

Any folder saved on Google Drive can be downloaded with a zipping format. Just right click on a file/folder and click on ‘Download’ option.


G-Drive also provides real-time online collaborative working experience and this requires communication between users. You can easily initiate chat by clicking on 'chat' button on top right of the screen.

Insert Citations

Citations will help you know who and why the part of the document was edited. Add citation from Reference menu will help you do so.

Using the OCR - Convert PDFs and images into text

Google Drive also provide a free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool which automatically translates words from an image of PDF file. Just right click on a uploaded file and select 'Open with Google Docs'. It will be opened in an online editable version with all its content.

Save Web Pages

A 'Save to Google Drive' add-on will help you save your liked web pages for next references. Many other such custom add-ons are regularly updated which you can search depending upon your need. e.g. Xmarks Bookmark Sync for chrome.

Collecting Data

If you want to collect responses or data from a pool of participants, Google Forms is an amazing data collection service. All the responses and information will be saved on the cloud on your account.

Translate Documents

Instead of looking for translated strings on google translate tool online, you can upload the whole document on g-drive and let it convert for you in your preferred language.

Drag-and-drop files

In the easiest method, you can just click on the red button at the top and select a file to upload when file bar pops up. It is very convenient as you do not need to open drive every time.

Google Drive Channel

With IFTTT online service you can connect your Google Drive Channel to 238 different Channels available. Whether it is your Instagram photos or Facebook archives, you can save all content at one place on G-Drive.

Make use of the Revision History

Any previous changes made with the document saved on your G-drive can be traced using this feature.

Open any document, spreadsheet and click on File > See revision history.

If you click on the timestamp in the panel, you will see the details including the previous version of that file and who made the recent changes.

Send large Files

While most of the other services limit on sharing larger files, G-Drive has an edge here. You can easily share larger size files with your peers.

Use Shortcuts On G-Drive

Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow = Select multiple previous or next items
Shift + A = Select all items
Shift + t: For new text document
Shift + N = De-select all items
Shift + T = For a new text document
Shift + P = For a new presentation
Shift + S = For a new spreadsheet
Shift + D = For a new drawing
Shift + F = For a new folder
Ctrl + Alt + G = Opens Revision History in files

/: search your Drive
d: show/hide details pane
n: rename selected item
S = Star or un-star current highlighted item
X = Select or de-select current highlighted item
. = Share currently highlighted item
J or K = Navigate to previous or next item in the list without selecting it
Up Arrow or Down Arrow = Select previous or next item in the list

Save online Images Directly to Drive

Is pretty easy. Just install a chrome extension called "Save to Google Drive". Whenever you want to save any online image, just right-click on the image and click on options saying "save to google drive".

Integrate Google Drive with Evernote

Google drive and docs are sometimes a bigger task considering other options such as

Evernote. Evernote is an excellent cloud app for instant note-taking. A CloudHQ can sync and integrate your Google Drive with Evernote so that you can view your notes with G-docs.

Find and insert Copyright-free images in Google Docs

Yes, it is possible. When you want a particular image to search, just click on insert, image and click on Search link. This will search free online images which are licensed under creative commons so that you can use them anywhere.

Aren't those amazing? Share your experience here in comments.

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