Australian Government Initiates Strong Cyber Security Strategy
The Australian government is now running behind cyber crimes aggressively. Their prime minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced AU$230 million worth for Cyber Security Strategy. Subsequent cyber crime defensive failure may have led to this decision, authorities reported.

Prime minister also said, "the use of such a capability is subject to stringent legal oversight and is consistent with our support for the international rules-based order and our obligations under international law."

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To strengthen the process which will include around $39 million for the relocation of Security centre and another $47 million for building joint public-private threat intelligence sharing centres around the country.

Currently, cyber crime and the overall losses are increasing at the very high rate all over the globe and Australis in ranking top at this. Appx. $1 Billion is a total loss to country due to cyber crime and it directly or indirectly impacts nation's economy far up to $17 Billion annually, the report suggests. 

With this initiatives, Australian Government targets online crimes and relevant incidents to minimize their further extent. (The recent case of massive breach its Bureau of Meteorology in late 2015 could not be forgotten)

Not only Australia, Russia with Estonia program, the UK with Joint Cyber Reserve Unit hoping towards the safer cyber world and fighting against potential cyber threats.

Some Cool Facts:

Total loss to online industry due to cyber crimes is almost up to 100 Billion Dollars 

There are almost 19 cyber criminals listed by FBI which are under most wanted targets. (This contains hacking personal computers by sending malicious virus to steal bank information) 

19 Most Wanted Cyber Criminals in the World + Great Cyber Security Facts

90% of Australians will be online by 2017 

Market for connected home devices in Australia is expected to grow 11 fold by 2019

MyDoom (an email worm) is considered to be the most dangerous virus of all the time costing around 38 Billion dollar loss to industry

84% of small and medium businesses in Australia are online based 

Social Networks is one of the major sources of affecting users accounts by entering virus through invalid clicks such as Like Jacking, Link Jacking, Phishing, Social Spams etc.

Most of the Australians spend almost a day per week online

Almost 60% of employees steal corporate data while they leave or fired from the job.

Social engineering is another way of manipulating people's mind to give away their valuable information to hackers

Almost 68% of total loss due to cyber crimes is simply unrecoverable

You can see online which places cyber crimes are actually happening at a real time. Click here to visit real-time map site

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