Google's VR (Virtual Reality) Initiatives Are Simply Fascinating
There is exciting news about Virtual Reality recently and technology giants are putting their money into the VR developments. Virtual reality creates 3-dimensional images and which can be viewed in the real world using VR gadgets. Using this technology an artist can draw 3D images, sculptures using VR controllers.

Google's Virtual Art Sessions is an amazing initiation where 3D, 360 deg. videos are made by VR artists making anything from 3D graffiti, light painting, sculpting and much more.

Video Source: Google Chrome Channel

This gadget or electronic tool is developed by Google and run with Google's new V8 Javascript engine which processes data on 3D artwork and converts artist's physical actions into 3D drawings. It uses WebM video and WebGL to render these 360 content made by artist's own imagination.

Google recently made a Tilt Brush using which an artist can use virtual reality to paint 3D space around them. You can visit their Virtual Art Sessions

Photo source: Google Blog

Other top players in VR development includes Samsung with Galaxy S7 (includes VR headset accessory), HTC with Vive, Sony with Playstation VR (especially for Gaming).

Google's Cardboard and Jump VR projects did pretty well last year with Google's cloud computing platform to generate fully stereoscopic 3D videos. A Google Cardboard viewer is a great VR tool, for viewing virtual reality 3D content. 

Recently, Google is moving ahead with their Tango project which utilizes the limitless capability of mobile sensors such as GPS and gyroscope to enable them with VR controllers built within the mobile devices. 

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