Facebook Global News - June 2016
July 12, 2016 - Download new "Moments" app if you want to keep your albums alive

Facebook coming up with new App called "Moments". You will need to download this app if you want to keep your photos online. Facebook users with synced photo album are getting emails asking for install and log in to a new app before July 7. The new app sync is necessary to keep all previous photos alive on an account. 

Earlier to this, FB has a feature called Photo Sync which was used to upload private photos to 'synced from phone' album. That album will be deleted after July 7. 

If you "don't want to download Moments, [you] will also be able to download a zip file of your synced photos from your Facebook profile on your computer before July 7th," FB officials said in an email.

July 10, 2016 - Leave videos in post replies and status

Now Facebook users can leave videos as a reply in their comments on posts and status. A camera icon below a string of replies was used to upload just a photo, but now can be used to upload a video too. 

The importance of videos has been considered as a major step in social networking by many top tier online clients. This includes live-streaming capabilities, an addition of dedicated video tab, dealing with video developing publishers and much more.

This video upload feature is available with Facebook's iOS, Android App and also on the website version. 

You can use this feature as a regular reply, on posts pages and people. You can also use them on events and groups. This new video in comments features created by a team at a recent Hackathon that Facebook held. 

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