Most Common Reasons to Your Laptop Shutting Down
There are most probably the 100 reasons to why my laptop shutting down suddenly or with an error message. Does your laptop goes down recently and powers off repeatedly? Or in some cases, it moves to hibernation. The answer is your laptop needs cleaning from hardware and software point of view. 

Here are some common reasons to answer above questions.

Following are some issues which will help you understand why this happens and areas to focus upon.

Battery issues 

Your laptop's battery may have become unusable and needs replacement. Due to this machine tries to conserve power by putting it in hibernation mode. If this happens simultaneously, try to replace a battery or look for power adapter issues. Maybe the wire connected to adapter have worn out and due to which battery is not getting charged properly.

Excess Heating 

If your laptop's processor heats in excess, the attached sensors near to it gives a signal to a machine to shut it off. This is like a fire alarm. Due to dust, excess use of multiple open softwares, worn out fans may cause this issue. 

A laptop cooling pad is a great solution for this. Proper cleaning of internal parts such as moving fan, processor areas are always advised. 

If fan vents are clogged and proper aeration is not facilitated, the laptop may heat in excess and it will shut off.

Give a machine rest 

If you are using any machine for long hours, it is surely going to be at unrest. Take breaks and let your PC cools off.

Operating system issues / Windows Errors 

Sometimes operating system gets clashed, files goes corrupt. In such situations, your system may restart or shut off multiple times. Virus attacks, bugs, Trojans are also the cause of machine shutting again and again or not working smoothly. 

Improper handling

Using laptops on blankets, beds or even on laps may block the sufficient air circulation and cause overheating. In the simplest confusing scenario, you may have antecedently kept the power options improperly and your laptop is shutting down after certain time say 5 mins. This has actually happened to one of my friends and we kept solving this for long hours reaching no solutions. 

Windows power options

Lack of Software Maintenance

Unnecessary installations, improper software cleaning, older and outdated softwares may cause system work slow and put a processor in excess stress.

Bios Versions and internal battery

Unsupported bios versions, unusable or lasted internal battery may cause system behave abnormally and call error messages on the screen. 

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