Amazon Go, Beta Launched, a Checkout-free, App-based Stores Coming Soon
Amazon, an online e-commerce giant working on a way to make a grocery store purchasing manless. Now forget about worrying a long queue after having fun and lot of purchases at a mall. Amazon announced on Dec. 5 about a new grocery store plans in Settle, Washington opening in early 2017 where people can just pick up items they want and walk away ensuring their bill is getting prepared via an app called 'Amazon Go'.

Though it sounds pretty easy and welcoming for many of us, Amazon Go checkout-less stores, fears thousand of currently working cashiers and sales boys about their job ends. All your product picks and purchases will be tracked using sensors, computer vision, deep learning and so on called future-proof technologies. 

This will surely bring more sales as people will not have to stand in cash counters and can simply walk out with what they want. This will be 'World's most advanced shopping technology' Amazon trying to bring in the real world any time now. Amazon will further expand their customer reach via many such grocery locations in cities like current malls. 

video source: Amazon Youtube Channel

Amazon Go is currently being tested in Seattle at a single store and soon will be opened up for public in early 2017.

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