Vi Personal Trainer - Headphones with an artificial intelligence
Vi is one of its kind, first, voice-activated AI personal trainer that coaches and motivates you through a smartly engineered bio-sensing headphones. Vi supports a Vi Fitness app which nicely integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, Spotify, and Strava. 

VI is a great fitness trainer combined in your headphones and syncing with a Vi Fitness App makes your life much easier. It is the first AI fitness companion which gives useful, actionable feedback in real time.

The whole concept lives in your earbuds, alongside a heart rate monitor with a splendid sporty fit. A much of a combination of multiple gadgets such as a Fitbit, Amazon Echo and a stunning pair of Beats giving you optimum results. 
Its features include a cloud-based AI coaching engine, an Aerospace grade biosensors including heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity and touch sensors, A great sound by Harmon Kardon, has Wireless connectivity, Water and sweat resistant, 4-6 hours of battery support and iOS/Android Compatible. Its sensors include a gyroscope, accelerometer, custom sensor which uses visible light, infrared LEDs and photodiodes in left earbud to measure your heart rate.

With Vi, you will get a sound fueled experience on your routine workouts. Vi will keep you in your ideal heart rate zone, a guide for correct speed and pace for your goals and also record routine performance with analytics. 

Vi comes with a 90-day "No Questions Asked" return policy so you can imagine what confidence they enter with. Where much training personal coaches costs around $250 on a month or some even cost on an hourly basis, Vi gives you an unlimited custom coaching, 24/7 usage with a state-of-art technology.

Vi currently supports activities such as Walking, Jogging, Running, Sprinting, HIIT workouts and Cycling and they regularly come with support upgrade.

 Vi Personal Trainer

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