Turn OFF-ON your Computer's Display with Keyboard Command
Do you know Computer Displays's life can be increased significantly by putting it off while not in use? 

Monitor Display Off-On Utility with Keyboard Command

A Large number of monitors and LCDs are wasted yearly due to over usage and heat. It would be wise to turn it off immediately when you sure about not using it.

While you are downloading or doing some paper work for your project, turning your monitor/laptop's LCD Off  is of a great help to your eyes, overall concentration as well as for LCD's better life.

Does that sound interesting? With PushMonitOff utility, you can do it with just one keyboard command (Shift+F1)

It works perfectly without causing your system speed and has following great features:
Does not require setup
Just a Single keyboard Command to put it On-Off
Do not use many systems Processing
Easy to Operate/Remove

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