Google Chromecast Ultra 2016, Best Way To Watch TV Online
Chromecast Ultra (2016)

October 4 is a special day for Google. An event with a variety of hardware products from Google will take place such as VR headsets, Pixel branded smartphones, Wi-Fi Route, Google Home (Similar to Amazon Echo) and an upgrade to Chromecast which is 4K capable digital media player named as 'Chromecast Ultra'. 

It will have a latest firmware 1.21 and will be sold parallel with current high-definition Chromecast. It will have almost double cost at $69. The device will enable 4K video streaming from most of the current high-end phones to an HDMI-equipped TVs. The device won't have previous Chromecast logo, instead, it will have new 'G' on the front.

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Chromecast 2 (2015)

is an upgraded version of Google's previous Chromecast. It's a dongle for streaming content such as photos, videos, music from laptop/tablet/pcs on your TV without wires. It nicely fits into your TV's HTMI port and that's all to start with it. 

Chromecast 2 Specs

HDMI Output, Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus 88DE3006 SoC, 1.2GHz dual ARM Cortex-A7 processor, 512MB RAM, 256MB flash Storage, 1080p, 39.1g, 802.11 ac @ 2.4GHz/5GHz connectivity, microUSB with Power adapter supported. 

Comparing it with the previous model is just reduced storage which is necessarily enough considering there is literally no need of being it a storage device. Connectivity range is surprisingly increased up to 5GHz which is enough to stream anything.

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Watching Television is a sweet old habit, however, in recent smartphone and tablet environment, a cool product like Chromecast is just an easy design for utilizing online connectivity to watch streaming videos on the LCD and large Flat screen TVs. Bad news for Set-Top Boxes? Let’s find out as we review Google’s new “Chromecast”.

Google Chromecast

What exactly a Chromecast does?

Chromecast is a new device from Google for watching high definition videos on your TV. It allows a user to watch online videos directly on TV through portable USB device. Google Chromecast is as cheap as just $35. It works on local Wi-Fi network. It uses popular online video services such as Google’s YouTube, Netflix and works flawlessly.

Chromecast works similar to Apple TV, Roku and many other video streaming services. In the recent large screen TV era, a product like Chromecast is a true revolution. Chromecast works just as a USB drive and connects to the internet directly through Wi-Fi and streams videos onto your TV. Chromecast connects through the HDMI port and the power cable connector is right back on the USB to keep it on. It works with TV, your tablet even with smartphones.  Buy on Amazon

Google Chromecast

To watch a movie, just connect to Netflix app and video is streaming live for you. Chromecast is still under review stage. It also doesn’t allow “sideloaded” content streaming. (Non-purchased content)

Many such products are available in the market but not in full comparison with Chromecast’s tiny simple design and low cost.  Unlike limitations of Roku which needs your TV to have mobile high-definition links or HML, Chromecast just works as fabulous Wi-Fi low-cost dongle. It also leaves your smartphones and tablets free to carry out other work while watching TV. Chromecast is game changing product and tough competition for Xbox One, Apple AirPlay, Roku and many others. Chromecast can work with both iOS and Android devices.

At current there are very few apps are available to use Chromecast but surely they will be in numbers soon. Synchronization of Google’s Chromecast and Apple iTunes or Roku seems difficult in coming days but surely Google has enough of its own video content for their worldwide users. Unlike Apple’s Airplay which works on mirroring on iOS, Chromecast work is completely different and work as an internet data card or dongle for direct streaming through online connectivity.

Overall Chromecast is an amazing product for experiencing new way for enjoying television. It is certainly a great product at this cost. Let’s hope for the best things to come free with this cool shipment such as free subscriptions and great other online content from Google.

While average streaming device costs almost over $100, Chromecast comes in just $35. Could it be your next Gift?

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