How to Enable Android Developer Mode in Android 4.2
Android 4.2 is a latest mobile operating system developed by Google. Developer mode can nicely be worked out without USB Debugging of a device.

The issue arises why Google kept the Android developer mode entry so obstinate? Maybe to keep newbie away tricky tech. To make smartphones more user-friendly Google may have kept these settings hidden.

In developer mode user can straight away Reboot the System, update SDcard, wipe data, Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition, do CPU Tests and get SIM Information etc. These are a critical operation for any smartphone and that's why kept on back side.

Google have made a slight trick to enable a device in Developer mode. The trick is quite simple but slightly invisible from many of our eyes. Let's see how it works.

Android Developer Mode

Go to Notification panel on your device.
Tap Settings
Tap on About Phone, you will see list in which tap on "build number"
Here is the trick, tap as much as 7 times until you read "you are now a developer!"
After 3rd tap, an auto count will start saying "You are now "x" steps away from being a developer".
Go back and you will see a "Developer Options" menu just above the "About Phone"

Other Android Tricks:
*#*#4636#*#* hit Dial

You can see the following set of information: Phone Details, Battery Details, Usage Stats, Service Info and Wi-Fi Info.

Phone Details will include IMEI no, Network, Signal Strength, Roaming details, SIM address book, Fixed dialing number, Get PDP List etc.

Caution: Always make sure to take Full Backup before entering developer mode and doing changes.

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