Which Smartphone should I buy? Considering Factors while Buying
In the current smartphone messy world, it would be a fun to touch many big smartphones in the shopping mall, while certainly, it could be a tricky task choosing the one which fits your budget.

Even an experienced person will think many times before investing in one product that suit his needs. Yes and that’s the today’s topic. Just remember there is no "Best Smartphone" or "Worst Smartphone" in the market, they are made as per need and price.

While phones are being developed from their roots to impress million of users, they include many features which we are not necessarily in real use of all. Still, we pay them just because it is newly released or just it is latest and seen in other's hand. Again many terms as low price, in a budget, hi-end, and tech crunch are always trying to convince different consumers.

It would be a wise decision to study our needs first and to look for good predecessors rather than following next month's release.

Tech development is so fast in the mobile industry (at lease in smartphone market) that one cannot decide which gadget is future proof. There are many things such as Display, Hardware, Processors, Camera, UI keep on upgrading and companies are making money on these updates and innovations.


Any display around 4 to 5 Inch in size with at least 720p is enough in the current competition. While considering it, good viewing of images and reading is sufficient. Such size must have at least 250ppi of pixel density. Anything higher than this is always welcome but not easily differentiable. Human eyes cannot even distinguish between pixels above 325ppi practically.


Quad Core Processor, if you are hearing this term many times over the internet that is because it is a recent one. Dual core chip will also suffice in some cases if a price is a crucial factor. Always try to compare processor range with the latest release of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia phone's processors. This will give rough guidance whether your processor is of latest series. The typical good choice would be a Dual core processor, Cortex A9 or Quad Core Cortex A7.


Random access memory is crucial to utilize full processor speed as it lowers down its load while on actual work. As an operating system and UI advances, better RAM ensures smooth function in conjunction with higher end processor.


In current competition, an 8Mp camera is considered as the best image taking one with BSI Sensor-equipped. Again if it supports 1080p video recording then you are on a good deal. Rest, front facing camera need not really be more than 2Mp as it is not used for taking photo shots. If you like selfies, go for higher front facing cameras.

Internal Memory and Storage

Storage is today’s and tomorrow’s need, phones will less storage will need repeat delete and re-loading of files causing more work for you as well as to your phone. A memory of 64GB and 128GB would be a wise decision to save large no. of multimedia and personal files.

Connectivity and Networking features

A real need for tech-savvy people. Ensure what type of internet speeds device supports. In today’s world, support of 3G is enough as per our study. Due to competition features such as NFC, LTE 4G are in line with future development which are quite unnecessary at least at this moment. But if your device is having them, then you can say it’s a future proof.

Windows Phones

Nowadays many companies coming up with Windows featured phone, Nokia came early in this competition (Microsoft took over it later). Windows phone enables full windows experience and file operating features such as Microsoft office in smartphone operating system design. Going for it rather than Android, iOS or other operating systems would again be a great decision because phone works on the similar ecosystem as our Microsoft windows based computer do. Nokia's Lumia 920 is the best example.

Blackberry Phones

Blackberry phone, even if they look quite clumsy recently, they have their own advantage in terms of Usability, Messaging and Emailing features. That’s why they are often terms as "Business phones". Again in a big screen lucrative design competition, Blackberry slightly lagged their entry with Q10 and Z10 phones. Blackberry phones are available with most of the carriers, but again they lack in OS compatibility upgrade issues.


Considering Voice, Data, Messaging and International Roaming plans, again Carriers provide attractive plans for users.

If you are standing on an international career moves or stay over different places, considering the right carrier is most important. As carrier gives a lot of options to choose with their contract, it would be in user's beneficiary. Again terms such as 'ETF' (Early termination fees) are also charged if you break their phone contract or suddenly jump with next choice. Mostly they offer internet LTE 4G connections with 1 or more years contract. Choosing them properly would save a lot.

Depending upon your personal needs, family usage, multiple devices in the single house, corporate discounts, carriers often release different plans to stick with them. In this scenario, one surely need to get a better idea about what is being offered in the market, before going in shop seeing odd suggestions.

In overall consideration, an operating system is really not a topic to consider as a deciding factor, because it is a matter of personal choice, still as Android becoming more and more famous, going for it would be wise and will give your better resale value for your phone. If you love Apple phones then you have excellent iOS choice.

Try taking your friend’s advice and look what they are opting for. Look for someone's recommendation if he is close to you, surely no harm. Experience always counts!

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