How to Categorize Posts into different Tabs in Blogger?
This article will guide you for "How to categorize posts into different tabs in Blogger?" or "How to work with blogger tabs and post customization?"

Follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your Blogger Account.
2. Make sure you have some enough posts with different Labels correctly named.
3. Find the label’s correct web address:

In this open any post. Click on labels at the bottom of that post. Every post in blogger shows labels at the bottom. Just Right Click on that and copy a link. Even if you click on it, the browser will show the link address. Note that.

4. Go to Pages tab in Blogger's more option drop down menu.
5. Select Pages
6. Select Show pages as "Top tabs", if they are on "Don't Show" (By default it is on
Don't Show tab".
7. Now Home tab will appear as it is the default.
8. Select New page on top, select "Web address"
9. Insert tab name "You want", e.g. select "Samsung". All the posts having label including name "Samsung" will appear under this posts after someone clicks on Samsung tab.

That's simple!

Modifying labels for multiple results:


1. If you want to collect posts having two labels then use

This is simply AND operation, unless posts do not have both the Label1 and Label 2 included, they won't be shortlisted.

2. If you want to collect posts having either of two labels then uses
"|label:Label2" OR

The second one is easy to remember. This will work as OR operation and will return posts with both or either any of labeled result.

3. If you want to use Label with multiple words in it, e.g. Smartphone and Phablet, then simply use %20 in between words as "
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