How to Transfer Music from iOS Device to Android?
Transferring music from iOS device/ iTunes to Android could be a tedious task. But what if you have recently shifted from iPhone or iPad to Android smartphone?

Most of the music files in iOS are DRMed (copyright protected). The same file cannot be played outside the iOS device even if you try to export.

Click on song file in iTunes, Right Click and select Get Info. This will confirm whether the song file is DRMed or not. Not all files purchased from iTunes store are DRMed. Such files have M4A extension and can be played on supported operating system. (E.g. Android smartphone)

It shows two types of files which include Purchased and Protected ACC audio file.

Learn the most common methods to convert DRMed music files to the normal format.

A. There are free softwares available to remove DRM protection from iTunes music files.
SoundTaxi 3, Tunebite 6

This involves re-recording of DRM protected files, to convert them in to DRMed format.

Limitations: Loss of quality, long process,

B. FairUse4MW or freeme2+drmdbg, these two utilities can quickly remove DRM from those iTunes music files. These gives great quality output.

Burn and RIP
C. Burn and RIP DRM-based music files using programs like Noteburner 2, AppleMacSoft Converter 2 using CD-RW ROMs.

Burn and RIP may crash in the middle of nowhere and not a 100% assured method.

Using Hook
D. Using Hook, you can try some DRMed files which are very fast compared to above methods but again they do not support all files. This process is complicated and not a universal method.

E. DRM Media is great software to legally remove DRM from iTunes music files.

Using freeware sometimes causes quality issues and may not convert all files but you can always try to solve your immediate purpose.

Tunebite is used all over nowadays and it gives excellent results with minimum quality loss. It works with all types of DRMed files.

Best known software:
This is a free two-part application which is very to use and newbie and non-tech people. It automatically syncs your device and populates the libraries.

You can go to Library and import iTunes playlists and sync to Android device.

Again a free app which can work directly on a smartphone which syncs your iTunes library to Android device through Wi-Fi. But you can do it with Non-DRMed music files only.

Isyncr and PlayerPro Music Player (Works together)
Isyncr and PlayerPro Music Player costs approx 4$, which is Android based app and capable of syncing both devices and can transfer music files easily. You can Google the app and get the procedure to work on transferring files.

Google Music
Using cloud storage you can now sync all your music files on Google Music cloud account. With a cloud, you can access these files on Android device over the net. Get free Music manager in Google cloud and upload all songs to your device using the net.

Direct Transfer
You can even directly copy and paste on-DRMed music files from iTunes to Android device's (while connected in mass storage mode) Use Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v method.

Other Softwares: Wondershare MobileGo   

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