Use Google CSE Developer to Customize Your Google Search Bar
Have you noticed, Google Search option is not showing up results or it just say "No results"?. Slightly annoying isn't it. With Google CSE custom search widget, you can get accurate search results with the option to choose them on your website, other selected websites or even on the web. Google CSE is developer site where you can fully customize your Google Search bar as per your choice.

Learn to use custom Google Search Bar widget using Google CSE

To use Google CSE widgets one must have Google account.

Steps to follow:

1. Login with your Gmail id on Google CSE

Google CSE
2. Use correct address of your site in the Site to Search Tab

Google CSE

3. Select Language and click "Create"

In the Basic Setup, you will get options to name your search, sites to include and other basic info.

Google CSE

4. In Look and feel option you can modify your search bar for colors and borders.

Google CSE
Google CSE get code

5. Save & Get code

6. Go to your Blogger>Settings>Layout

Add New Widget, select HTML/JavaScript and enter above copied code into the window, Save.

Your blog is now ready to show fully customized results.

You can even use other features such as Statistics, Search Features and Business.
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