Google AdSense Publisher Scorecard, Helping Hand from Google?
Is Google AdSense Scorecard a good news for Publishers and Bloggers? Surely Yes! After a 10th anniversary of AdSense program, Google introduced a new benchmarking feature called, “AdSense Scorecard“. It helps a user to stay assured about his website’s movement. AdSense Publishers Scorecard provides in-depth indications about your site's health and the areas where you need immediate attention.

It shows three tabs Optimization of Revenue, Health Site and Google+. Every tab shows five blue dot ratings, which indicates the performance. Green indicates well and perfect, yellow means need improvements and Red indicates need your immediate action on the issue.

AdSense Scorecard is just an initiation towards great website maintaining for all of those who are taking efforts towards making good money with their contents. This will certainly help in improving website’s traffic and revenue generation. If you stay more focused and strategic surely you can take out great money from this measures.  

The scorecard can be accessed from Home menu in AdWords account as well. Google have ensured their publishers that Scorecard is just a measure to improve your own website or earnings and not a hard step with rules and regulations to remove poor sites.

Google AdSense Publisher Scorecard

Crawler Errors

When Google Spiders find the error in reading your site's content, they can't suggest Google which ads to show up on your ad units.  It will result in irrelevant ads to show up on your site and will probably decrease CTR.

Google also provide an assist to fix crawler error, but it is not enough. To ensure your website is getting crawled by Google spiders note below things.

If your crawler report contains parameter "m=1", this means you are using Blogger's default template and enabled mobile site. To disable the mobile site, Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Click on Gear Icon and select, "Show desktop template on mobile devices" and Save.

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Optimizing Ad Units

Using proper ad format suitable for your website is of a great assist. It will increase your CTR and help website look clean and helpful. Overloading page with the ads may decrease the user's attention towards actual content.

300x250, 250x250, 780x90 Wide Scrapper, Text Ads and Ads between the posts are most commonly and successfully used Ad units on sites. Google also asks for Text and Image Ads in your blogger section, so that they can apply a best possible type of available Ad for your unit.

How many ads to put on a single page?

Google have not limited the units number, but it is recommended not to put more than three Ads on a single page. Even 3 are in excess in some cases. Advertisers look for high converting web pages and that’s the reason your site's overall CTR may go down with maximum number of Ad units.

Google Plus

Google surely advises to put Google plus button on the sites, and this is in both beneficiaries. Links expands like anything with the help of Plus. But remember Google will not penalize you if your Google Plus score is low. So stay updated rather than force.

Try to produce concise and complete content rather than hurrying towards completion. So Google's new things are good to go as far as their Global indices are running well. Hopefully, you work cleaver enough with your website such as to maximize your revenue.

If you only focus on earnings and AdSense things, most probably your will land up in good earnings but won’t master your content. Simply follow ‘Believe in the Best’ policy, be patient and focus on original and creative content.

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