How to Enter Proxy Settings in Firefox and Chrome Browsers?
The Internet is all hide and seek playground. Whether it is for work or just surfing, everyone sometimes wants to stay away from other's eyes. That's the reason the term 'Proxy' plays around in internet world. 

Proxy settings allow a user to use different IP address into their browsers so that they appear anonymous for the rest of the world. Technically it is impossible to stay completely hidden while you are on the internet, but surely for all daily purpose, you can stay assured of your anonymity.

Proxy servers have wide applications for businesses and home networks. Whether it is restricting inappropriate content to kids or disallowing employees to surf anywhere else other than relevant sites, proxies can help millions of small and big enterprises to solve the purpose. 

Proxies with limited access to the internet can save lot of official man hours and also speed up the networking speed considerably. (also called name resolution process). It also acts as a LAN switch between user and the entire internet world.

Below are the types of proxies which are mostly used everywhere.

Transparent Proxy
This type of servers identifies themselves as a proxy server and also clearly shows their address through HTTP headers. These type of proxies do not provide complete anonymity.

Anonymous Proxy 
This type of servers do not display IP address and have better anonymity levels. Although they are detectable, provide enough privacy online.

Distorting Proxy
They are identified as proxy servers but display random server address to fool visitors.

High Anonymity Proxy
They do not identify themselves as a proxy server and also do not make available the original IP address.

Change proxy settings as per below instructions.

For Firefox:

Click Tools > Options > Advanced button> Settings (In Connection)

change proxy firefox

Select "Manual Proxy Configuration"

Enter correct working IP address (You can Google and get free proxy servers)

change proxy firefox

Click Ok, restart browser and check 'what is your IP' website to ensure your IP is changed.

For Chrome:

Go to Settings> Expand to show advanced settings > Network

Click on Change proxy settings (This will open system's proxy settings box)

change proxy chrome

Click LAN settings in Local Area Network Settings at bottom

Tick, use a proxy server for your LAN, Enter valid proxy IP address and click OK.
(You can Google and get free proxy servers)

change proxy chrome

For Netscape Browser

Go to Tools Menu, Select Options, Select General, Go to Connection Settings.

check Manual Proxy Configuration and Enter the proxy server's IP address in http proxy field and port into port field. You are done.

For Opera Browser

Go to Tools Menu, Select Preferences, Go to Advance Tab, Select proxy servers. 

Now check the box next to http and enter new proxy details in the field. You are done.

Safari Browser

Select Preferences, Select Advanced, select proxies: change settings.

Check the box next to web proxy (http) and enter new proxy details in the field. Click on Apply and that must work.

You are ready to move anonymously. 

Please note that using proxy server address without express permissions is illegal. Use them at your own risk.

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  1. proxies are great, i am using them on my personal computer at home.


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