How to View Hidden Friend List On Facebook
It’s quite simple. If you wish to view hidden friends on your FB account, Follow simple steps.

1# Using Facebook's Graph Search

You can use Facebook's Graph Search to know the possible friends of a user. If a person is a known celebrity, you can see which of the users are probably friends of him using Graph search.

Simply go to those accounts and see if your target user is present in his friend's list. Whoa! it works.

And if his friend's chart shows mutual friends count, that means those many people could possibly be among the target's friends.

If you want to try yourself a little bit of illegal, use the codes to automate, be careful, FB will ban your account for sure. here on Shay Priel page

2# Chrome App - Facebook Friends Mapper (NO MORE) 

Instead, try this, Facebook friend tracker it's cool, get here (know who deleted you?)

It were used to work like this,Get Google Chrome extension 'Facebook Friends Mapper'
Login to your FB on Chrome Browser
Open the user profile (the one you want to spoof), click on Friends
Click on Reveal Friends button

Hope you already have a Facebook account.

3# Use Facebook Friend Finder

Tou can use the modified search to see hidden friend list.
The friend list will be shown. At the left pan, you can narrow the search to see friends you want to see.

This is the simplest trick to view all the friends in your Facebook account. It does not need any external tool or codes to use.

Enjoy and keep commenting...

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