What are E Ink Carta Displays in Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite
Electronic Ink Technology is used from the year 2000 and constantly under rapid development. Due to minimum power usage, ease of read and real paper-looking experience E-Ink technology fascinates tech industry for enhanced productivity. E Ink is a Taiwanese company makes electronic paper displays. The main focus of the company is to produce displays which are way different than current bright lit displays and more towards traditional paper writing. Their previous display versions include Vizplex, Pearl and now Carta (4th Gen).

E Ink recently released a new kind of display called as "Carta". It’s a grayscale electrophoretic display and offers almost 50% higher contrast ratios and around 20% less reflective than current Pearl displays. Most recent company to offer E-Ink's Carta displays is Amazon with latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reading tablet. With a new display technology called as "Regal Waveform" it would be an exciting experience to turn pages even more naturally.

New Carta display offers a modified contrast ratio that matches screen views to normal book or paper writing. As these displays will consume less power and great for readings, there will be minimum display issues while using a tablet as a reader such as an eye strain, flickering on a device or even problems due to constantly looking at current heavily bright tablet displays. The display will certainly provide wide viewing angles and will help in ease of reading.

With these high contrast displays, outdoor reading usage will certainly be of more ease. Newly developed E Ink Regal waveform technology will minimize page loading processing and hence will provide clean and minimum refresh rates. There are also other types of display technology are released by the company recently in SID Display week 2013. It includes Triton color E-Ink, Mobius Flexible, Spectra 3 Color Self Label.

ePaper technologies are of great help to our natural resources as it will help in minimum paper usage and hence saving trees, keeping environment greener. E Ink Holdings is well known for producing TFT and ePaper products, recently took over Hydis technologies in 2008 and E Ink Corporation in 2009.

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