Why Smartphone Backup Is Important?
Smartphone back up is a great way to ensure you do not loose important data, memories, favourite collection and sensitive files as time passes. Smartphone is a tiny cool gadget which eases many activities at instant click, however it it always at a risk. Make a good habit of taking backup of your phone after certain intervals so that it will be of great assist to you in any cases such as OS crash, phone lost, accidental damage, hacking etc.

smartphone backup

Many times we hear about online hacking and stealing financial information from computers. Open Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, Infra Red and Virus are some easy ways hackers try to enter into your devices. As data is always subjected to get exposed with all such ways, it is necessary to stay safe with scheduled backups and even with best antivirus support.

Google Android
For Android users, Google automatically backs up portion of smartphone's data to user’s online accounts. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset and select ‘Backup My Data’ and ‘Automatic Restore’. At the first time it will take some time but later on it will be faster.

Apple iOS
If you are using Apple’s iPhone then iTunes has best option “Back Up”. Rest stay assured for all your contacts and other data. In case your device hangs up or needs resetting, “Restore from Back up” will solve the purpose.

iCloud is again best option for Apple users. It is online backup system which works automatically while Wi-Fi is on. With this you get as much as 5GB of space to store you data. You need to go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on the backup. In Manage Storage options you can easily select options to sync such as Facebook data, music files, contacts, chrome etc.

Samsung Kies
Best option for Samsung users. It is Samsung’s own software to keep your data safe at a place. A short setup allows user to connect his phone with pc with unique IP and PIN to enable the procedure.

BlackBerry Desktop is all in one RIM’s proprietary software for their worldwide users. It is very unique and easy for navigation. You can even use external storage or flash drives to take the backup.

Windows Phone
Microsoft has made its own software for their smartphone OS backup called ‘ActiveSync’. Software works perfect with most of the windows operating systems with easy navigation.

‘My Phone’ is another app designed by Microsoft especially for Windows phones. It looks tiny but potentially great to backup everything on your device. It works well with windows mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. With logging in from your live account and free data up to 200Mb, which is surely not enough nowadays, you need to pay for more and surely still quite good to go with.

PIM Backup is great app for those who just don’t want to go with online sync and external pc connections. This app allows user to take backup on SD Cards easily. But still ActiveSync and My Phone are preferred everywhere.

For Symbian OS based phones tools such as Ovi Suite, The Symbian Tool are available. Older version of Nokia and Samsung came with Symbian support and can be easily backed up with these utilities.  

Other favourite tools include Palm Pre Pixi, Microsoft Sync Toy for PC, ChronoSync for Mac which are great options for backups.

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