Using Google in Most Amazing Ways - Productivity
Google has become a habit nowadays and it is used by millions of people worldwide. Google is not just typing a keyword and getting thousand of unsorted results but you can get most accurate data if you know how to use it precisely. These utilities are highly productive and can save a lot of your time and hard work.

How To Get The Most Out Of Google?


Google Site Search

With site keyword in Google search bar, you can get results which are present on the particular website. It is very important when we need information only from a specific website.

E.g. site: Paul walker
If you need to search news and stories about Paul walker from New York Times website ‘site:’ tag will help you to narrow down your search.


One of the coolest features of Google which allow user to get direct conversions of required values instantly. Forget about calculators and get results faster ever.
E.g. type inch to mm or-or 40 dollars to INR in the Google bar and just go get the results.

Specific Time Zones

Time zones show exact time in the specific area. Search for <time in ‘place’> in Google bar and you will get instant results.


Google calculator is very powerful tool for online users. It has inbuilt calculator functions available. It includes basic, scientific and algorithmic calculations.  Right from basic mathematical calculations to complex functions such as Pi, Cos, Tan and binary conversions, everything can be effectively done as other scientific calculators do.

Google Translator

Google translator is a great tool available nowadays for language conversion. It can easily recognize your input language and translate into most other known available languages. You can also learn any language easily with this helpful utility. 

Or type ‘translate’ <query> in <required language> for easy word conversion.


Specific File type Search

For a specific file type search, you can simply instruct Google as <query> filetype: doc and Google will return a search with only doc files containing query word say “World Travel”. You can use the same function to find PDF, XLS, and other commonly known file types.

E.g. type <world travel filetype:doc>

Flight Details and Status

By simply typing your ticket number or Airline details Google will accurately revert with particular flight details at a current time. 

E.g. Air India 440

Movie Shows Results

You can get instant results of your favorite movies currently playing in your nearest theaters or in specified city. Just type <movie name> followed by zip code and Google will display show timings with theater names and timings.

E.g. Gravity movie in New York

Weather Forecasts

Just type <city name ‘forecast’> and Google will revert with full weather information. It will display information such as Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity and Wind levels as well as the forecast for the next week on the basis of data available.

E.g. Weather in San Francisco

Social and Public Database

Google has a huge amount of database. If you are looking for accurate results you are at right place. Just type query and get results with a graph.

E.g. population growth rate India 

Definitions and Grammar Details

Google shows excellent definitions and grammar details of words with their synonyms and other details. It is a basic assist nowadays for most of us if we have the internet available. Right from checking correct spellings to sentences it also teaches us many other things such as complex word's meanings, similar words, synonyms, antonyms and much more.

E.g. define: enormous

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