How to Remove Attribution Powered by Blogger in Blogspot Blog?
Bloggers often do not like some preloaded things on their blog site. One of them includes "Attribution powered by Blogger" bar appearing at the bottom.

While developing a site, it often annoys something like this. Here are some code modifications in Blogger template to remove or edit Attribution at the bottom of Blogger interface.

This is a simple tutorial which will guide you to remove or edit Attribution bar easily.

Method 1: Remove Attribution Bar by Adding Code

Log In to your Blogger Account
Go to 'Template' and Click 'Edit HTML'
In recent Blogger template click on small arrows on the left side of the template codes to expand the whole template. Recent versions have a checkbox for 'Expand Widget Templates' OR Manually expand each arrow left side of the code lines.
Do a 'Ctrl+F' and search for "]]></b:skin"
Paste "#Attribution1 {display: none;}" directly at above skin code.

Remove Attribution Powered by Blogger

Save and Attribution bar must be disappeared now.

Method 2: By Editing Codes

Go to your Blogger's "Templates", Expand the whole template manually (as said above) or using checkbox to "Expand Widget Templates".

Do Ctrl+F and search for below code lines
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>
Change the locked value 'true' to 'false'
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='false' title='' type='Attribution'>
Now find another code lines looking similar to below
<b:section class='foot' id='footer-3' showaddelement='no'>
Now change 'no' to 'yes' the attribution value showaddelement
<b:section class='foot' id='footer-3' showaddelement='yes'>

Save the template and go back and Go to Layout Tab
Find the Attribution Element at bottom
Click Edit and Select Remove.

Remove Attribution

The Attribution must be removed. Its Done!

Further Editing of Attribution Bar to add your custom links
(Add more Credits at your Blogger's Attribution)

If you wish to add links such as Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms etc. you need to accurately place the links and display texts in the Blogger templates. 

Important: Removing Attribution by a Google may not be a good idea, rather we recommend you to edit it with your website or owner information including Google's Blogger credit.

e.g. Copyright © 2014 | | All Rights Reserved | Terms and Conditions |

Locate "<div id='credit'> in your template by doing Ctrl+F in Code area. Modify the texts by following below template changes after div-credit tags. You must be able to get the desired results on your Blog page.

Add More Credits to Your Blogger Attribution

This is a quite simple procedure and just look complex. Just make sure you do the proper spacing between the codes and links.

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