How to Tag Images on Your Blog for Better Performance?
This article is about the importance of title and alt text to images on your blog or website. While you are working on your blog or website there are certain consistent things you need to do. One of many is to always tag images in your blog articles.

Google Search Optimization and aid to visually impaired people about your blog images.

Captions and Alt-Text

One of the main reasons is when visitors hover the mouse on those images they can see a text line appearing on the images, those are called as Captions.

How to add Captions and alt text to your blog images?

Add image as normal procedure.
While you hover on the image or select it, a pop-up editing toolbar will appear.
Go to properties.
Add Title text and Alt Text.

Add Captions and Alt text

Blog Images and Keywords

Title text: These are displayed when visitor hover their mouse over an image.

Alt text: In this text is at the background and made available for those who cannot see the picture for any reasons.

edit image properties in blogger

People visiting your blog or RSS feed they will see Caption/title text when they hover over those images.

People who are using emails or subscription will see alt text instead of images if they have set ‘show images’ off.

People who use screen reader software will hear the caption text which you have kept for that particular image. The software will simply read out those lines for reader/listener.

Search engines will crawl your keywords and texts you put on images for optimization and integration.

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