Deindexing Blog or Site from Google Servers
De-indexing may be a horrifying idea to sound, but there is a procedure for it as well. The blogs hosted on custom domains such as blogger/blogspot may need to deindex their pages from Google. This procedure is required when owner want all of his Blog links to get disconnected from Google servers.

There could be many reasons including Site have been hacked, Webmaster Tools requests, DMCA notice, Duplicated content, Non-exclusive content, other claimed content needing resolution etc.

This tutorial will guide to removing your posts or all the blog data completely from Google Indexing and to keep your remaining site in a safe condition.

Using Blogger Settings
Go to Dashboard > Select Blog > Search Preferences
Go to Crawling and Indexing Section > Enable Custom robots header tags.

To advise Google bot not to index your content, mark the options as shown in below image.

Google Deindexing using Custom Robots
Save and It's Done

Using Meta tag
Go to Templates > Click Edit HTML
Find <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

Add following meta tag just below it.
Just Save and It’s done.

noindex nofollow meta tag for deindexing

Within a week or month depending upon blog's content, all the blogging links to Google servers will be erased.

If you wish certain pages or posts of your site to get deindexed from Google Servers then insert noindex meta tags in those post's HTML sections.
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