Facebook Rolls Out Trending Stories in India
Trending Stories was Facebook's latest ambitions to suggest user the latest three hot topics depending upon his interest specified. A column with three topics was appearing at a right top corner on user's FB home page. Very soon "Trending Stories" became famous and there was a quite good popularity for the new column. Mr. Struhar (Facebook's Engineering Manager for Trending and News Feeds) had also suggested that new feed will help users stay updated with current news in the world with ease. 

Facebook Rolls out "Trending Stories"

Facebook rolls out their well going "trending stories" column from India too. It was started recently with a lot of popularity on latest hot topics. Social media king Facebook has quite a great success this time with this topic still with the sudden effect they decided to put it off. Trending stories were similar to Twitter's latest topic to appear on top with a difference in appearance.

At start Facebook launched this at various parts of the World, foreseeing the immediate effect and yes it became hugely popular. News such as Microsoft's heavy Q4 Earnings, Justin Bieber getting out of jail started appearing at the top of Facebook's page. Maybe Facebook will bring something in addition in near future, but as per current reports trending stories will not appear on FB's home page.

At current few users are still enjoying the "Trending Stories" column on their home pages. While Twitter only posts popular topics at the top, Facebook was showing the details snaps of the top stories running at a current time. Facebook last year had also rolled out 'hashtags', similar to Twitter due to lack of uplift from Facebook users.

Mr. Struhar says, "We just want to be much better about surfacing public content that's happening anywhere on Facebook."

He also added, "Our vision for news feed is to become your personal newspaper."

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