Google Fiber - World's Fastest Broadband Project, Pricing Released
Pricing Plans released for Google Fiber Internet

Fiber 1000 + TV (Get The full Fiber experience)


Up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds
Download an HD movie in 40 seconds
220+ TV channels, HD included
Add premium TV including HBO®
Record up to 8 shows at once
No data caps, No rental fees

Fiber 1000 (Gigabit Internet)


Up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds
Download an HD movie in 40 seconds
No data caps, No rental fee

Fiber 100 (Up to 100 Mbps)


Up to 100 Mbps upload and download speeds
Download an HD movie in 6 minutes
No data caps

No rental fee for your Wi-Fi router


The global web giant is stepping further with promising world’s fastest internet speeds possibilities with Google Fiber. Google's new Fiber plan will bring 100 times faster internet connections. Currently, mere 7.7 percent of US homes are using a fiber connection which is very low compared to other countries.

What is Google Fiber?

Using advance fiber optics Google is promising to provide over 1000 Mb/s of broadband speed. With this project, Google will enhance the internet speed limits up to 70 times faster than average currently available with cables.

Google Fibre - 1000 Mbps Plan
image source: Google Blog
Google have invited 34 major cities in USA to participate in their Fiber expansion network project. The cities themselves will bring the infrastructure maps and other details to Google for the Fiber project. Google claims up to 1GB/s of symmetric internet speed will be made available to users within targeted cities. These cities include Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Jose regions.

Within a year, Google will study the further feasibility in those areas. U.S. Government has already announced a Gigabit City Challenge in a state with Google. Milo Medin, Google's Vice President talks about the success plans to expand Google Fiber with minimum infrastructure cost using existing utilities, resources, and government assist.  

Google's pre-running slower fiber plans are already working in some metros in the US with 5Mbps connectivity at $300 installation charge. The Faster Fiber connection will most probably have $70 or $120 a month for 1GB/s net connection without paying any other charges.

Google Fiber Optics Offering

1) Free broadband internet option.
2) 1 Gb/s internet option for $70/Month
3) Internet version which includes TV service for $120 per month.

These plans are available on Google's sites for pre-register.

Effects of Google Fiber

With 1 Gb/s there will be no visible flickering or buffering.
Download progress will apparently be invisible.
Crystal Clear HD technology, things online will be absolutely sharp without any delays.
Enormous opportunities for advance programming, multi-channel watching, heavy online storage and door opening for many other latest online projects.

“We’re acknowledging readily now that building a telecom network or fiber-optic network is a really big job,”

“One big push in one city can be enormously disruptive to a community that’s not ready, both for residents and city officials,” Mr. Kevin Lo - GM, Google Fiber

Image/Video source: Google Fibre - Youtube Promotion

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