How Do I Disable My Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline is great initiation from FB's Team. Sometimes Timeline annoys and looks too detailed. If you wish to put it OFF (@yourplace), here are the guidelines.


Install Add-on > click Install now
SocialReviver Add-on is currently supported for Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers.

Restart browser and go to 
 Click Down arrow beside to Home button and select "SocialReviver Settings"

SocialReviver Add ON

Edit features such as Disable Timeline View, Chat Style With Sidebar, Chat Tabs Style as Classic Style, Sidebar Disabler, New Profile Disabler and lot of other social security and personal options.

SocialReviver Settings

Uncheck all the options, select Chat style as with Sidebar, Chat Tabs Style as Classic Style.
Click Close button after done.

Your FB is modified with optimum settings now.

Note: Other people will see your FB profile as usual; Disabling Timeline View is for your own browser only. Other SocialReviver settings are quite more productive.

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