Disable RSS Feed in Blogger For a Time Being - New Blogger Tip
RSS Feed is the process where site's data is seeded to a feed location and posts are displayed in straight series as soon as owner posts them.

Turning OFF RSS Feed would not be a great idea at all. However, if you have more concern about your data safety, and the posts which are being listed on RSS on a regular basis, someone could follow it and directly start copying the data or ideas through part-copying or spinning.

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Medium size and recent Bloggers often complain about their data or images being copied and no one listening to them upon complaints, hiding data seeds for some period becomes a valuable advice.

Turning OFF RSS Feed is advised for those writers and developers, who post less number of articles within a short period of time but have valuable inputs to their content. 

Being a professional site developer, one must know the security functions of the Blogger and here we will discuss how to disable RSS Feed may be for some period of time till the website becomes enough mature.

Turning OFF the RSS Feeds in Blogger

Login to Blogger> Go to Dashboard > Select Blog
Go to Settings > Other Section

In “Allow Blog Feed” tab there are options

Full (Display full site's content to feeds)
Until Jump Break (Display them till immediate jump breaks)
Short (Display just short portion of post)
None (This is for turning off RSS completely)
Custom (You can add selective posts or data to display through feeds)

Click this option and select ‘None’ instead of ‘Full’.

Disabling RSS Feed in Blogger

Save the Settings and your RSS Feed shall go OFF.

Once your site becomes popular and it catches enough fire, you will be more confident to display all of it through RSS feeds, email subscription and other options.

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