How to Hide Your Facebook Account from Strangers?
Hiding your full name on Facebook is quite simple now. Facebook allow Indonesian users to have a single name on display because they have only one name. Using proxy ips (VPN - Virtual Private Network), this can be made possible. Remember this is not a part of the regular Facebook procedure and you may be restricted to some other application access. Still you can have a try to make these changes.

Bad effects of this are while connecting to third-party apps on Facebook. Your name entry may appear as 'Name Name' which may look little annoying. 

1. Login To FB > Go to Account Settings > Change language to 'Bahasa Indonesia' > Stop here 'here is a trick'

Login to some Indonesian proxy servers such as

Change Internet Proxy Settings

Copy proxy and port address (Numbers) E.g. and 80

Go to Run by pressing Win+R and type 'inetcpl.cpl' and click Enter
Click Connections > LAN settings > check on Proxy server option and enter the above copied proxy address.
Click Ok and Restart browser and Try changing your FB name in Account settings as usual by logging in again.

Change Name in FB Settings

2. Firefox Users:
Go to Preferences in Firefox’s drop down list.
Select Advanced > Network tab > Settings
Select 'Manual Proxy Configuration'
Enter the HTTP Proxy and Port address copied from above site.
Click OK and it shall work!

3. Chrome Users:
Go to Chrome Settings > Show advance settings (at the bottom) > find change proxy settings > It will open the internet properties again as in step 1.

4. Facebook Privacy Settings
Finally, if you simply wish to hide outside Facebook and do not want your friends to search you in Google, just Go to Settings > Privacy > Scroll to Who Can look me up? and uncheck the box saying "Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile"

It’s Done!

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