Latest Emoticons, Make Bigger FB Emoticons, Updated June 2016
The UC (Unicode Consortium) have approved 72 new emoji set to be released by the end of the month. This will be added to already existing 1,601 emojis.

These new emojis are based on hand symbols, animals and foods as they were always among the best choice for people. Some funny additions include selfie emoji, Clowns, shrugs, pregnant woman, facepalms, Gorillas, Rhinos, Owls, Shark, Croissants, Pancakes, Bacon and much more.

These latest emojis are expected to appear with latest iOS10 and Android N operating devices.
With the WhatsApp's Buzz around the globe, there are new chat emoticons taking people's attention. Emoticons attract your mind so quickly that they are more worth than even short tweets. Just choose your favorite one and revert quickly. New tricks and tips are now available to insert any profile image or picture to chat as Emoticon, here are some latest Facebook Emoticons available with latest codes.

Use this link to create your own big FB chat emoticons

Use exact file pixel size to upload on above link, so that program will break the big image into small chat emoticons and will join again at adjacent to each other bringing the all new bigger emoticon look.

How to send such picture in chat?
You have come across images posted in chat window many times recently. Yes, its a simple trick they are following.

Follow these simple steps:
Select any picture on facebook (it must be uploaded to FB)

Now select the bookmark option and select Edit option.

You will get some link appearing below.

Now copy number string at second id place - 302002386333

Go to chat and enter this number in double brackets.


Hola.... Now your image must appear in a chat window. Enjoy.

Trick for Larger Images -

Wait, but this is for smaller images. If you wish to send bigger images it must be broken into block pieces (that is why more brackets numbers needed) follow below examples. There are emoticons makers available to create such famous images to insert in chat windows.

Why So Serious? Joker

Why So Serious, Joker - Batman



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga



Super Mario

Super Mario

[[306889276022173]] [[306889329355501]] [[306889342688833]] [[306889366022164]]

[[306889399355494]] [[306889416022159]] [[306889429355491]] [[306889449355489]]
[[306889499355484]] [[306889516022149]] [[306889539355480]] [[306889566022144]]
[[306889582688809]] [[306889609355473]] [[306889632688804]] [[306889649355469]]
[[306889656022135]] [[306889676022133]] [[306889712688796]] [[306889769355457]]
[[306889789355455]] [[306889802688787]] [[306889832688784]] [[306889852688782]]
[[306889866022114]] [[306889879355446]] [[306889896022111]] [[306889909355443]]
[[306889922688775]] [[306889939355440]] [[306889976022103]] [[306890006022100]]

If above codes do not work, just save as these images and create them using above link. Copy generated code entirely and paste into the FB Chat.

Update: Get cool codes from Smileyfacebookchat
(Create such bigger images using online software)

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What's your favorite one?

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