Blogger's Lightbox, A Great Utility As Per Latest Web Image Trends
Have you ever noticed Blogger's image opening with Lightbox? Its really cool like nowadays famous browsers "turn lights off" effect. If your website has lot of cool images, Blogger's Lightbox could be the best option for your to display those images in slider view. Instead of adding a separate javascript or jquery

Blogger Lightbox Effect

Lightbox can be wisely utilized to display all the images on the current page with any single image click. Such blackout display with images is nowadays seen with Hotmail's "one drive", Google’s cloud base and many other online image storage website services.

Showcase images with Lightbox options says "When clicked, your images will open in an overlay on top of your Blog. If your post has multiple images, they will appear as thumbnails along the bottom.

If your Blog is about a Tech gadgets review or a photography articles, Blogger's Lightbox is one of the best options to choose for displaying images.

Lightbox Settings

If your site is not good going with lot of attractive images, you can just disable it from settings as shown in above image. 

If you wish to change the Lightbox's default look by changing its colours and other cool effects, visit helpblogger blog's post for custom CSS style code for Blogger Lightbox.

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