How an RSS Feed and Plug-in Can Help Your Blog
RSS Feed to your Blog is a great way to expand your website network and to gain a maximum number of visitors. To attract more and more readers, RSS Feed is often recommended. Also See: Create Powerful Backlinks to Your Website/Blog

Not only it keeps visitors updated with the newer posts but also encourages them to visit your site constantly with a variety of interesting seeds updated. Subscribers and readers are the true worth to your website if done wisely.

Why add Footer to your RSS Feed Posts?

Certainly you can add something extra below the posts in RSS Feed. Just like designing a website, RSS Feeds can be made more interesting to read if added with these flavors. 

These additional things will surely make readers do more while they visit your site's Feed.
Blogger RSS Feed and Plug-in

What Can I Add in Footer of My RSS Feed Post?

Copyright information

By adding copyright information in a simple way you can advise those copywriters to stay alert with your website content. Stop RSS syndication theft.


If you get sponsored links to display at your Feed post footer, that would be a real worthy idea to get more business. With a limited number of ads, you can certainly monetize your blog much faster.

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Freebies and Bonuses to Subscribers

A download link to a free PDF, short magazine or an interesting e-book could be a great idea to attract subscribers to stay connected with you.

Links Exchange

Exchanging links between blog and website is an old method; still using this idea on Feeds could be a real fun. Driving traffic through the RSS Feed to your website or blog can be obtained using this method. It is not just how quality your website is, but how you publicize your links through different channels such as RSS Feeds.

Author Information

If you have great achievements and rewards, Feed footer is another location where you can display them. If you have a large number of subscribers on your Feedburner, putting additional Author information in Footer is certainly helpful to attract and retain subscribers.

Popular or Related Posts Links

Similar to popular posts links on your blog or website, some of those links you can surely add to appear below your RSS Feed posts. No harm, certainly RSS visitors who visit those posts will get immediate access or attention towards the related posts on your site.

Social Network Promotion

A great way to expand your site with solid social networking promotions. It's a proven method for millions. Using Google's free services such as FeedFlare you can advise your visitors to vote for your articles.


Adding a newsletter to your RSS footer could be the best way to welcome your current subscribers to get more information about your site. These newsletters will keep them updated with the latest trends on your website or blog.

Feedburner Ads

If you are a FeedBurner user, you have an option for using pay-per-click ads on your RSS post footer. It is a simple PPC program that allows website owners to gain a margin on visitor’s clicks on those ads.

Contest for Competitions

A long term played method to attract a pool of subscribers by running simple campaigns or contest via your RSS Feed. It is one of the ways to advertise your contest through a blog's RSS feed and to gain publicity.

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Supported RSS Plugins for Wordpress Blogs

PostPost Plugin – 

This is a WordPress plug-in using which you can add content or HTML before or after the posts in feeds, pages and site posts.

BetterFeed Plug-in

This plug-in has more options compared to other plugins such as post permalinks, link to comments, technorati search, word count, tags, etc.

RSS Footer

With this plug-in, you will get a backlink to the original post by default. Even if someone tries to copy content on your RSS feed, your site will get an immediate backlink.

Feed Footer – 

Long term used WordPress plug-in for RSS feed footer. If you want to add up to 10 ads below feed post this plug-in will help you. Be careful to know about maximum ad units allowed below RSS feed by Google.

RSS Signature (sig2feed) – 

A short WordPress supported plug-in to add a custom signature, tagline, copyright message, custom graphic or HTML code snippets in RSS footer. This plug-in is currently available on Google code project site.

Copyright Footer RSS

Add a piece of copyright information straight away below RSS feed to prevent RSS syndication theft.

For installing these plug-ins in Wordpress just go to the administration panel and “Add New” plug-in bar. Using these plug-ins will certainly enhance your feed’s performance.

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