Do You Know where Blogger Uploaded Images are Stored?
Yes, It might be a funny question, but still many bloggers do not know about where all my images stored? They are saved in Picasa Web Albums. While you prepare your post and upload an image, it is automatically saved in Picasa and links directly to your blogger posts.

If you click on Google Picasa Album (While logged in) you can get access to all your uploaded images. Picasa organize the albums and there is a limit of 1000 images per album. A new album will be created if it crosses that limit. Google Picasa is one of the strongest web image hosting service offered by Google at no cost. Its advantages are seamless.

Google Picasa Web Albums

Important Note: Do not delete or re-upload existing images on Picasa if they are linked on your Blog or Websites. Doing this will create a broken link on existing image on your Blog. It is advised to make separate albums for your new image uploads for further reference.

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