Facebook Launches "Nearby Friends" App, Know 'Who Is Near You?"
Facebook's new 'Nearby Friends' app will track the location of smartphone users so that they get instant information about their friends passing nearby. Although it is a social networking app, more or less Facebook will use this information for targeting ads and marketing purpose surely.

Facebook "Nearby Friends" App

While an app is installed, Facebook will create an activity log based on some precise location visits and make it available for displaying your nearby location to your friends. This may not harm your privacy, but will certainly help you and your friends instantly ping each other while they are moving around.

As per Facebook, it is just a notification app, which will utilize the online status of smartphone users and further to enhance their Facebook experience. Facebook sees more opportunities through this app by gathering user’s relevant location data for their other services and development purpose as well.

By tracking your location history, Facebook will study the data in more precise way such as to provide relevant news, ads and many other related content, however Facebook says "at this time it's not being used for advertising or marketing, but in the future it will be."

This will assist small advertisers and marketing people to select proper channels for serving their ads so that they get sure benefits from their sales and investments. This would be more helpful to them as the intensity of targeting their ads will be more focused rather than just paid global campaigning.

Security Options

While you hesitate to display all your location visits to others, Facebook gives you the option to turn "Nearby me" off with just a simple toggle button. Neither your current location nor previous activity log will be displayed after this. Not only this but also delete all history data from the system so as to stay ensure privacy and other related concerns. Now you may want to double check in your FB options about this app and stay alert at initial stage if something is ON by default or not.

Although 'Nearby Me' looks a social friendly app from Facebook, many people still may prefer to know who is nearby to them, rather than displaying their own activity log of locations to others.

How does it work?

Facebook's new "Nearby Me" app will gather the GPS coordinates to get analysis of your current locations and wisely display certain information to the feed in app. In multiples of half a miles or say such as 0.5 to 0.8, 1.5 miles and so on, the activity will be displayed. Those who have opted the app, will be given a choice to select how long they wish to display a real-time location feed, such as for hour, till today or till tomorrow and so on.

In a map view, your location will be displayed to group or network friends and it will be an interesting to know who is at a nearby location. App also has a 40 character message to display, for what you want to say. E.g. "I am on leave today, for shopping", Your friend will instantly see this message in there 'near me' app knowing that you are somewhere close.

Talking more briefly about app safety, it will just give approximation about someone's location and not exact co-ordinate values so as not to hurt a privacy safety. Certainly App will never show those GPS coordinates to your friends as in those G-I Joe movies, so not to worry about whether "I will be under constant surveillance by my groups". The app will just display something like "6 of your friends are nearby right now", and e.g. Christina Paul, near Central New York area.

With those positive approaches, just be careful to turn it off in some worst scenarios where you found yourself to be in a mall while you were supposed to be in college or office, or you unintentionally miss someone while you regularly pass them nearby etc.

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