Feed Counter is Highly Recommended Nowadays
Feedcount (no. of feeds subscribers) reflects the solid impression about the Blog's popularity. It is an indication that so many readers are already subscribed to this site and so even you must. While there are many sites shows a fake reader counts (a text based counter) which they manually input to attract new subscribers, let’s not talk about that for a while. Being a professional writer we will easily achieve the good number of readers honestly and for sure.
Building up a fan following can be tricky task for the new Bloggers, and so it is advised not to display feed count on the website until it reaches some 200 subscribers mark. It may have an reverse effect on your site by showing up the less popularity indices of your own blog.  So hold on till it becomes mature enough.

There are plenty of plug-ins are available. One of them is FeedCount for WordPress. In a Google Feedburner there is an option to create a custom HTML for displaying Feed count on your website. Go to Publicize tab in your Feedburner account and select the CSS styling and get the HTML codes to put on your site.

Many top website already use simple feed count chicklet, and even you can start with the same, later on at any time you can update its look to make your website more professional.

How to Add FeedCount chicklet on your Blog?

Go to Feedburner and Login
Select the Feed
Select Publicize
Choose FeedCount Option in left pan
Select design options as per your creativity
At the bottom, click Activate

There are two options:
1. Get HTML code to use as a gadget
2. Using Blogger's own drop down list saying "use as a widget in" Click Go

Click Add widget by selecting required Blog (for more blogs)

Go to Dashboard > Design > Layout tab and drag-n-drop the widget. You can also modify the look of this tab by going to same place and just click Save.

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