Most Popular Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets
Google have recently launched Add-on support in Google Docs and Spread Sheets. Just similar to chrome web add-ons these small utilities will enhance the functions of Google's online office suite that is Google Docs and Sheet.

Currently, there are more than 50 add-ons available in Google webstore. These include excellent tools such as HelloFax, Mapping Sheets, MailChimp, EasyBib, Analytics Canvas and many more interesting. You can also make your own add-on to work with Google Docs and Sheets using Google App Scrip which is similar to JavaScript but working on the Google Cloud base.

The major difference between Google Scripts and Google Add-on is the scripts are more users friendly while add-on works behind the scenes. Scripts can work with any file in Google drive while add-on works just as chrome-add-on, particularly on the currently open file.

Although add-ons work flawlessly with Google Docs, their source codes are hidden, unlike Google scripts. Most importantly Google Docs add-on can be severe as they are a more open source and cause issues such as unsecured sharing files with unknown users, viruses etc. Therefore, it is advised to be more cautious while running add-ons of unknown developers and note their add-on reviews carefully.

Google Scripts works well with new and old spreadsheets while recently launched Add-ons works only with the new version of sheets. This could be little annoying for a long time Google docs users.

Below are some of the best Add-ons for Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Workflows from Letter Feed - Automatic assistance for getting approvals from reviewers through mail.

HelloFax - Send and receive faxes online.

MailChimp - Send mails directly from Google Doc instead of usual Gmail.

PandaDoc - Share a document with your client and get legally binding e-signature in a short time.

ProWriting Aid - Make your writing more perfect with word-like checking utility.

Avery's Label Merge - Merge Google datasheet into labels and name badges.

Charts - Build Charts from data easily.

EasyBib - Easy creation of bibliography and citations online through Google Docs.

Thesaurus - Check grammar and consistency of your self-made articles. Make your writing more perfect.

Mapping Sheets - Add-on will prepare a Google map with your place details made on a spreadsheet.

Analytics Canvas - Pull your analytics reports into Google spreadsheets.

Translate - Self-advising easy online translation in you Doc.

TextHelp - A highlighter for your Google documents. Prepare your own notes in Documents.

Abbreviation Lists - Use correct abbreviations in your writing.

Gliffy & Lucidchart diagrams - Make flowcharts, diagrams and other professional diagrams instantly.

UberConference - Create conference call with all Doc viewers.

Track Changes - Keep an eye on editing your documents.

Doctopus - One of the most favorite among teachers for project assignments. Easy tool for managing student projects online at one place.
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