Blogger Vs WordPress. Which Platform To Start with My New Blog?
While making a Blog or a website, it is very important to have unique and better quality content. It is merely a step to select a free platform such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla or even a pre-customized Website Builders. There is nothing wrong or right having either of them to start with. 

What matters is the content and consistency of the writer who prepares the articles. Still, in an online community, there is a consistent discussion over which platform is more preferred or which one gives faster success. 

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Whether it is Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, these platforms have their own advantages and limitations.


Blogger is straightforward, simple to create and easy to maintain.
Blogger is owned by Google and hence all the services that Google initiates are immediately implemented on Blogger by default. You can embed YouTube videos on Blogger for free.

Google also offers a $10/year for your own personal domain name such as

Blogger is hosted on Google's own servers so they are mostly maintenance and downtime free.

Making money on quality Blogspot blog is quite effective. Google offer AdSense program for free on their hosted Blogs. Ads will be then segregated on the basis of the content of the Blog.

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New business owners, freelance writers have a great opportunity on Blogspot as it is free and has easy default integration of AdSense inbuilt. 
You can also choose to have other advertising network programs such as Amazon affiliate, Buysellads, ClickBank etc.

As far as multimedia and video embedding is concerned, Blogger again works perfectly because of its own YouTube popular services. At current nothing beats YouTube campaigning and that’s the reason embedding your own YouTube videos on your Blogger Blog is yet another easiest way to publicize your multimedia content much faster.

It's far better than WordPress's VideoPress feature. YouTube’s videos can go absolutely viral on Blogger than WordPress, no other service beat here.

Blogger templates are flawlessly customizable and a user can control almost every corner of Blog design. Unlike WordPress, you can even add custom CSS styles to modify the current look. This option is not available with WordPress. 
One more solid reason to go ahead with Blogger is that its adaptability. You can connect your Blogger Blog to your own website at any stage for free. 

Unlike WordPress Blogger wins the competition here. And for this reason, Blogger's seamless integration works well while considering own domains and site matching designs.

Blogger site's HTML is editable with the code editor. You can also customize it with CSS styles. More Google features such as fonts can be easily added to the template. Domain customization is easily possible with Blogger. 

Unlike WordPress, Blogger will never display third-party ads on your Blog. Templates available on Blogger are absolutely free.

Blogger has more centralized features compared to WordPress. Being under own Brand of Google Blogger offer automatically get Google+, YouTube and many other recent Google services. 

To build up a strong SEO with your site you will certainly need many Google services for your site. So having Blogger Blog at current scenario could be a wise decision. For solid and concise writers Google Blogger certainly serves better options.


Customization on WordPress is great. A vast variety of themes and useful plug-ins are available at no cost. Social networking sharing options are great and they allow automatic sharing.

Considering statistics reports, WordPress gives easy numbers. Whether it is a visitor's location, a number of shares and likes or twitter followers, WordPress display's everything.

It gives huge 3GB of space for free. That is enough for new business owners and freelance writers. Later on, you can buy your own domain upon your site's success. Over 70 million sites use WordPress platform. See more cool facts about WordPress.

On successful running of your site, you can also go for domain at $25 and you will have your own domain name again with WordPress features on backside supported. and are owned by the same company but .org Blog have full control over their content and is something like Blogger. Your Blog will have a subdomain name on display. E.g.

Both platforms do not offer any large size FTP uploads for a free Blog. No custom themes can be uploaded to them. While Blogger offers only 50 languages, WordPress supports over 120 languages and that could be a strong point for some Blog contents.

Considering WordPress, setting up a blog is quite an easy process. You can also choose a theme suitable for your content from a large pool available. However, managing Blog's central dashboard system is more user-friendly in WordPress than Blogger for sure.

Still, a large number of websites owners uses the WordPress platform just because of its simplicity (UI) and easy to understand dashboard. As said earlier it has a variety of open-source plug-ins and themes to select and utilize.

WordPress is quite famous and almost a third of all websites built on it. With slightly more setup work and maintenance than most website builders, it is still a choice of many. 

WordPress is not all in one package, rather the best Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows you to create and organize digital content. 

Once you setup a site with WordPress, all you need is a domain name and web hosting. Similar to having a Name and Home to a Person (Site) on other free platforms like blogger.

One of the best hosting providers we trust is DreamHost. Not that it is best out there, but a good choice for many experienced. Remember there are lots of other web hosting providers available. They just host your site on their Servers and help you achieve faster speed and content delivery networks. 

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Of course, BlueHost isn’t for everyone. We also recommend A2 Hosting, InMotion, and HostGator as well. For a quick overview of each hosting provider, check their reviews on the link.

If you think, you can easily do a quick setup using a website builder which is much easier compared to those free ones.

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