Enable Google+ Comment Box on Your Blogger Blog
Blogger often bring developments to their free service, and this time an amazing Google+ comments is possible to display on blog posts. User comments are an important pillar for any website. It not only indicates the popularity of your site, but help other users to stay in the discussion.

Google + is not that famous yet, but looking at Google’s services and their expansion rate, having it could be a wise decision. Many more custom designs are also running well, but Google+ is of great advantage to Bloggers as it requires not additional codes input and and has a powerful interface. Healthy commenting system will not only improve your site's visits but also improve upon overall SEO of the blog.

Enabling Google+ comments on Blogger's default template is a click easy task, however enabling it on custom templates could be slightly tricky. Google+ has vast impact on networking through their easy circling technique. Have you noticed your Google Profile visits recently? You will be fascinated to see the count rate. Certainly it runs at much faster rate. That's probably because of Google+'s powerful SEO system around.

This article will guide you to setup Google+ commenting system on your blog through one of the below possible way.

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Option 1: For Default Blogger Templates

Enabling Google+ Comments through Blogger Settings
Go to Blogger > Dashboard > On left pan select "Google+"

Select the profile display and select "Use Google+ Comments on this blog"

Your settings will be automatically saved.

Option 2: For Custom templates as discussed above, you will need to modify codes a little bit.

Go to Blogger > Template > Revert widget templates to default

Select only Blog1 and Click "Revert select widgets"

revert template to default Select 'Blog1'

Google+ comments must appear on your blog now.

Option 3: Enabling Google+ and old Blogger Comments as well.

Go to Template > Edit HTML
Search using Ctrl+F (within code area)

Add below code lines just below it.

Save. Google+ comments must appear on your blog.

Option 4: Google+ comments only

Expand all arrows in Template > Edit HTML first to ensure finding codes quickly.
Search below code set

Replace above code with below set

Save. Your blog now must show Google+ comments only.

Enjoy new comment box look!

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