Google finally Aquired Drones making Titan Aerospace for Globalizing Internet
There is news about Google acquiring a flying robot making company ‘Titan Aerospace’ in initiation with a globalizing internet. Facebook had a similar trial of Titan acquisition but did not complete. Titan and similar other company Ascenta (Facebook's announcement for acquisition) makes high altitude drones which have the capability to connect remote areas to the internet network. These drones fly near to earth's atmosphere and act as a network antenna.

Titan Aerospace SOLARA 60 Drone
Google have previously started a similar project named 'Project Loon' in which large helium balloons are sent in the air over remote areas so that those places come under connectivity zone. This is still the on-going project and the acquisition of Titan aerospace is a whole new level of expansion expected from the web giant. Along with the connectivity, these new drones will also collect high-resolution real-time images and provide information to servers about a disaster, deforestation, geographical analysis and much more.

Acquiring Titan's drone technology would be a wise decision for Google as they would survive much better in all type of conditions with much precise output for a longer period. This project includes other seven companies along with Titan Aerospace to bring the success to the global connectivity mission. In parallel Facebook also have the plan in near future to deploy similar drones. Both online giants are seeing unlimited opportunities through such projects and seem to have common ambition.

Google haven’t disclosed the acquisition price yet but surely it must be around few billion dollars or so. This implies Google and Facebook have initiated towards combining latest technologies for making all the parts of the globe online. It is quite breathtaking to foresee limitless opportunities and a vast amount of new customers adding to the online pool.

As per analysis currently only 2/3 or even less of world’s population uses internet facility and through this drone project, approximately 5 billion new people will be added online at earliest. Amazon has also expressed similar interest in making such drones, and expected to come out with loud. 

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