How to Limit Websites Access On Your Home Computer?
As online technology is becoming an indication of development and success, yet another big problem of having excessive addiction came into eyes recently. Whether it is your teenage child or a regular office person, accessing social networking for long hours is totally a bad sign as if he/she is going to achieve some kind of extraordinary milestones.

Blocking sites on your home computer wouldn’t be an easy way to solve this problem as a lot of other hacks or overrides are easily available. Password protection is also an easy way but you can't avoid your loving one to stay away from a computer and make him/her totally ignored from this resourceful and entertaining utility.

Then what would be a clever way to keep them away from something which is not so necessary to have all the time? One solution is to educate them about using the internet for a better purpose. Having friends on a social network is no bad thing but that would work only if it is not a sign of addiction. Below are some forceful ways to overcome this hurdle.

Block Facebook using Hosts file

Simply Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Right click Notepad (Run as administrator)

Open hosts file using File > Open
Find following address in it

Go to Start > Run
Type "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc"
Open "Hosts" file in Notepad by right clicking and opening as administrator.

Locate " localhost"
Paste these codes just below # localhost

Save and this must block the Facebook access on the computer.

Similarly, if you wish to block other pages of Facebook such as,, or another site such as just copy above code line and replace "" with the particular site links.


To unblock any site just reverse the above steps and delete the block site lines from the host file.

Block website in Windows Internet Explorer (IE)

If you are an Internet Explorer user then do following changes to block any website.

Click the "Tools" menu then click "Internet Options” and then click the "Content" tab
Under "Content Advisor", click "Enable"
Now click the "Approved Sites" tab and type the following:
Press "Never" and click "OK".

Now click the "General" tab and click the checkbox to enter a password.
This can work excellent for home use and may now serve 100% secured method.

Scheduling Router Settings to limit website access

Most of the modern routers have options to choose an access schedule for a particular website. You can choose within how much time a particular site can be accessed. The best example you can allow access to say for afternoon 7pm to 11pm only. Rest all the days of Monday to Friday remaining period Facebook will be blocked on that computer.

There are plenty of free and paid software’s are available on the internet. Best examples are K9 Web Protection from BlueCoat. Their website is and you can get family safe internet experience. BlueCoat divides website content into 60 different types and also allow you to block a particular site.

HT Employee Monitor for Official purpose

HT Employee Monitor has excellent features which can surely give your 100% security for safe and in-limit web experience. This software is a great utility for official network and other social places.

Block Facebook and any other social networks in all major browsers
Block specific websites by URL
Block specific websites by keywords
Block websites by categories (Adult Content, Porn, Gambling, Violence, Drugs, etc.)
Restrict access to any application (instant messengers, browsers, games, and so on)
Monitor remotely all your employees' computer activities

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