Keep your Facebook Account Safe from Hackers
Why wait to see it happen one day? Millions of user accounts are getting hacked and their account information is spoiled to go somewhere else. There are few simple ways to remember while surfing on the internet to ensure it doesn't come your way.

Facebook is one of the sites which is mostly on the fire. If you are a Facebook fan, you are at constant risk of getting spammed. By keeping these good practices while using FB, you will always ensure to stay safe from those spammers and hackers.

Below are some ways you will need to focus on.

Maintain Strong Password for your FB Account
If you don't want some stranger or some of your own friends try your account login, having a strong password is a key. Make sure you change your passwords at certain intervals, say within every 4-6 months. By doing this there will be no chance of guesses and combination trials or even automated spam logins.

Enable Two-Factor authentication
Facebook will ask you another piece of information after you enter you username and password. This will give additional security from spam or unwanted logins. It is mostly a code sent to your registered mobile number. This option is available in Facebook > Account Setting > Security > Login Approvals.

From recognized browsers and IP addresses Facebook may not ask you for code verifications, but for new locations logins it will. However, this method works only with web browsers.

Use Secure Browsing and Login Notifications
It looks simple but having secure browsing on in FB account settings will stop spam links third party apps to track your data. You will be asked for permissions even if you need to run any app.

Go to Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing > Edit and Enable.

Enable Mobile Number Confirmation
Confirming mobile number is another best method to stay secured. Even if you forget your own password by chance Facebook will generate a new one for you and send on your registered number.

You will need to select a country and your mobile carrier and FB will send you a code to insert in confirmation page. Once confirmed your mobile number will be registered for your account.

End Activity for Previous Sessions
This is an important utility from Facebook, which tells you about which device and from where your Facebook account was accessed.

Go to Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions (in list) > Click Edit
Once you click on "End Activity" the other login sessions and activities will be erased.

Activate Anonymous Browsing
All latest browsers support private browsing to stay assured for nothing left behind on a computer. Whether you are in cybercafé or on some public computer, now you don't have to worry about deleting things while you leave the place. Just surf through private browsing, (chrome- incognito window) and stay assured.

Uncheck "Keep Me Logged In"
While we log-in to Facebook and many other sites, browser by default asks whether to remember your login data. Make sure you do uncheck this box and click on not always. This will ensure your login information is not saved on the computer or device.

Do not Click on Suspicious Links
Some fake third party links and apps always keep on popping for information. Try to avoid or cancel even if you click such link or see some suspicious pop-ups.
Never insert username and password information in suddenly popped windows. Keep your browsers updated so that all the security updates are present.

Add secondary Email to you Account
In scenarios your account is hacked, Facebook will send the account information to your secondary email.

Code Generator for Android Users
Get Facebook Mobile App from Google Play and install it on your device. This app will help you create login approvals by creating new codes to enter at logins.

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